20 Nov 2017
Updated on July 19th, 2019

Myths Related To SEO Strategies


Can you relate to this….?

Before picking any new business development strategy for your business, the only aspect which revolves around you is the authenticity and the productivity output of that segment.

Too Boring…………am snoozing….

Ughhh….it was a mere technical and Google offered information….

But on a factual situation…

In this digital trend, one of the most compelling strategies opted by the digital strategist is SEO.

And unfortunately now SEO has become more a following tradition then a trend setting….

But What is SEO?

SEO is basically an art which lets your business get optimized on the major search engines.

Calling it an integral part of your marketing would not be wrong, because SEO not just improves your ranking on search engines, but helps your business to bring more productive leads and customer traffic to your business.

That’s it…

But why am I here today?

So my lovely readers, when it comes to SEO, many people across the globe have different say and which somehow leave you in a perplexing situation that whether what I am doing in SEO, is really worth of?

I too had dealt with this situation, wherein the overtly read brain dictated me something else, but my vision took me on a different journey.

How is it possible?

Is there really a mid-way?

Well, I didn’t find a mid-way or short way to SEO success, but yes there are certain proven strategies which helped me to eradicate my set of confusion further.

With this blog I have scribbled those points in this blog, so you can get rid of confusion cloud and let the bright success sunshine to welcome your business goals…

No, I am indeed not an expert, but am growing and trying to learn and get the maximum exposure from the existing SEO strategies in the market and from the successful SEO strategists in the market, thus my blog contains some of the facts, I learned in the little span of my successful SEO career with Techugo…So my findings which brought the sure results are…

Do BACK LINKS really matter?

I remember in one of the technology seminars I asked somebody about backlinks, and I remember I got an astonished look back, with a gapped mouth, reflecting ‘Are you serious’? Trust me I regretted my decision of asking and thought of myself a fool, but to my utter surprise, I got a reply’ Not really’…

But on the factual scenario backlinks are still VERY much in and you cannot expect them to be out of the SEO league game, but here is one condition, to win the race of Google ranking , you need to have the backlinks from the different business domains, not simply from the same domain, so just a fast brush-up Backlinks matter a LOT, thus pay attention to it…

Can I control the bounce rate?

Yes, for a surprise, the bounce rate can easily be controlled, and there is nothing as of rocket-science in it.

Before proceeding further, I just want to draw your attention to that bounce rate can cause the lower ranking, so it is pretty clear that you need to develop a strategy to manage it.

The very first strategy I do adopt in Techugo is making the content beyond imagination….no you took me wrong, beyond imagination does not mean that you would attach stars and some other decorative material in it…but you need to write SIZZLING opening lines…

The opening lines need to be simple, relatable and giving a glimpse of the content further if you follow these aspects, then your readers would stay glued to the remaining piece of writing.

Also, don’t make the long passages in the content; break them into smaller chunks, to be understood easily.

TL; DR Does Not Work Everywhere

Yes, it is a fact, that there are people who prefer to read short and succinct, but it largely depends on the title of the content.

For instance an article with a heading of ‘Schools need to be shut tomorrow; has to be succinct and quick, so the readers would get the information quickly, but an another article ‘what is the cost of living in Germany’ can have even around 3000 words, and readers would stay glued, because they need information and love something which describes in details.

In this run, one more feather would be added to the note, that long content gets a big pie piece on social media share. Thus writing longer content would definitely bring good than any harm….

Can I cover everything in one blog?

No, absolutely not.

Did I sound harsh? It’s ok…because if my harsh voice is able to stop you from a wrong step, then my motive of writing today is solved largely…

Ok hopping back to my main point….you cannot explore everything in one blog. Your users are naïve they need some time to understand and get comfortable with your style of writing, so if you are going to add every ingredient in one recipe then it spoils the taste further…

Just visualize if I would add other segments such as benefits of SEO also in this blog, then for sure readers would stay hooked to the main segment and the remaining segment would be avoided.

So do not include everything in one writing piece…

There are indeed many more facts, which I have failed to, mention here, but following the mentioned ones too, would help you a lot.

The very first SEO mistake is made that people work on others strategies, rather working and inventing their own set of strategies, it is little frustrating and disturbing as well.

Every business has its own special demand and it needs to be offered a special treatment pertaining to its needs.

One size fits for all does not imply in SEO strategies, and as an SEO strategist you need to be always in the constant stage of evolution, so you don’t miss out on the trending and most befitting strategies for your business…

With Techugo I make sure to follow the advice and work on my researched data to nail the Google’s first page ranking for our clients.

And as a result our clients are happily able to rank first on the Google page, credit goes to specialized and the specific SEO strategies used and integrated into every client’s business.

Why to trust my words?

Well, to answer this, I request you to get in touch with me and get a success story written for your business through the proven SEO strategies from Techugo….

Grab your phone and get in touch with us….we are waiting for your call

You can reach us at:

Skype: aks141
Skype: ankit.techugo

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