13 Feb 2017
Updated on September 7th, 2017

How To Promote Your App Through Social Media


Ankit Singh

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Social Media, the word somehow depicts the lack of privacy within and denser pressure of maintaining your identity, but the irony is, that it is used by every single individual either with genuine identity or fake, but all use it except a very few who still have not taken a dive into the pool of social troubles of social media. Just to curb my thought process to escape myself from turning this blog into a satire, I would like to share the most significant role of social media play in the app marketing today.

Why Do You Need Social Media For App Marketing

Mobile apps are an unavoidable part of our daily life schedule; we need them to keep a tab on our needs & requirement at every single second. The process of the mobile app is exciting and fast if picked a right mobile app development company for the mobile app solution developed for your product or services. Unless there is a correct marketing adoption for your mobile app, no matter how wonderful your mobile app is, but if it does not reach to your targeted audience through the medium they prefer to communicate, then it is a complete waste. You need to market your app through every possible resource available for marketing. Social Media is one of the most cost-effective sources of marketing available today and the best part about this method is that it is highly accessible across the planet Earth.

How Social Media Benefits Mobile App Marketing

  • Your Customers get a personalized touch
  • Global publicity
  • Increase brand awareness
  • More inbound traffic
  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Higher conversion rates
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Brand loyalty
  • Cost-effective


App Marketing Through Social Media

Some people have a doubt that Social media is restricted to Facebook only, but what they fail to comprehend that there is a broad horizon of the Social Media platform’s possibilities to market your mobile apps and get them acknowledge by the potential users across the globe. You can’t deny Social Media marketing is the blessing for the developers who are on a tighter budget and have not many other ways to get the mobile app promoted. As per the research conducted, Social Media marketing helps your mobile app reach a much wider, sharply targeted audience, who are keen to take what you offer through your mobile app. As every coin has its pros and cons then Social Media marketing can also go wrong if you miss to follow certain Do’s and Don’ts, let me take you on a voyage to explore it further.

Remain Active on Facebook

We all love Facebook, for various reasons, like to chat with our distant cousin/friend, to post daily pictures, to post quotes, to share our thought process, etc. etc. etc. the list is huge. Facebook is indeed an impeccable platform to market your mobile app, the only thing you need to understand is that your presence on the Facebook should be strong enough and you are highly active on it, once you start promoting your app on FB, you would get a heap of comments, chats, and queries. You must reply the chat or queries coming through FB instantly or within the hours of the gap. It should not be days long distance to check and reply the chats.

Videos Increase The Views

The charm a video creates, it can never be picked by another medium. It creates a much alive connection between you and your audience and makes them aware of your activities. You should focus on creating interesting videos of your mobile app; introduce the functionalities of your mobile app, its UI, and how it will benefit them. Do not simply upload the video, but provide the detailed but interesting content for your app in the detail section and ask your users to give comments and feedback. This strategy will work on your user’s psychology that you are willing to improve your app as per the views shared.

Hello Tweets

Every single hour you get news that some celeb twitted this or that, which became instant media hype. Apart from FB, Twitter is another social media channel, which grabs the attention of users across the world. For your app marketing, you can utilize the Twitter platform to share what’s new at your end related to app, celebrations and feedback, all related to your mobile app or company. Through this you will create a loyalty factor between you and your app users and they would feel connected with you. Don’t make a standard message to reply every query, rather reply everyone personally, because anything said on Twitter can build or destroy your customer base.

Content Should Be Engaging

I agree, your mobile app is like your baby and you can do anything to chart up on the scale, but it does not mean that you would speak unnecessarily about anything, if users don’t find your content on Social Media, interesting and crisp enough, then sorry, but no one is ready to read your autobiography there. Put efforts to make the content interesting, informative and a little funky, so all age groups can relate to your mobile app. Bring some innovation within your content and don’t use Grandma’s dictionary in the search of the heavy words, rather use the language your users can relate to.

No Negativity To Cross Your App Way

Social Media is a hub of free speech, where users troll down the celebrity for uttering a wrong spelling, so don’t expect you would be saved. No, am not scaring you, but making you aware of how to handle the rejection more carefully. It’s a human nature we all take negative comments somewhere deeper in our hearts than the positive comments. You would also find yourself in a situation, where people would post negative comments, sometimes due to a reason, sometimes just to flaunt their unnecessary knowledge of the domain. You don’t need to lose heart, set a strategy for yourself, whether there is a genuine negative feedback or unwanted, you have to make sure that you reply to both, do not delete them, the genuine negative feedback adds a touch of reality to your user base, you should inform the dissatisfied users, when the issue is resolved.

On the other hand, the malarkey of unwanted users should not be taken as an ego hassle, just reply them once in a diplomatic way and thanks them for their review, don’t exaggerate the chat into a discussion, else other users would get diverted to the superfluous chat.

Smartphones and mobile apps are going to stay here forever, yes you heard me right, mobile apps and Smartphone technology would evolve with the time and users would have mind-boggling exposure to the options of mobile apps, so you have to pull your socks up to market your mobile app maximum, so they would not be isolated in the crowd of mobile apps.

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