9 Sep 2019

React Vs Angular- Which Is Best For Application Development?


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React Vs Angular

The application development space is growing gradually, and the arrival of various technologies are also advancing this vertical. Though, react vs Angular is receiving a huge traction.

Today, React is one of the most popular trends among the developers community. While Angular is also expanding its reach, it is very confusing for both developers and people that which one is better and which one should they pick.

While several advantages and disadvantages have been delineated by experts. Though, for new developers, it is hard to pick one framework that can serve all their needs. If you are also confused then here understand some aspects that can help you comprehend the use and benefits of both technologies.

Before, we dive deeper into technical specifications, let’s take a glimpse of individual status & origin of both of the technologies into the market.


Who doesn’t know about react js? Among developer, it is very friendly terms, though people without any touch with technology have a little knowledge of this programming library. The naive people might not know, nut must be knowing that this technology is playing a great role in Facebook’s creation.

In fact, the whole technology is being maintained by the Facebook and it’s developer community. While basically, it is a JavaScript library that can be used as a base in the development of both single-page or mobile applications. The most critical aspect about this technology is that it is optimal for fetching rapidly & continuously changing data that requires to be recorded.

Jordan Walke- a software engineer at Facebook created this technology by getting influenced by XHP- HTML component framework for PHP. In 2011, this was deployed very first in the News Feeds of Facebook, later Intagram was created with it.

Later a new technology concept named as React Native came from it that enables the creation of iOS, Android and UWP application development. This is an open source library, that is rapidly growing as a foundation of future development.


Angular is basically TypeScript-based open-source JavaScript framework created by the Angular Team at Google. Backed by the most powerful community of developers, Angular is a complete rewrite by team that created AngularJS. Google is responsible for the overall maintainence of this technology. In September 2016, it got released as Angular 2. The newest release is version 8 at the time of writing. The most important project created with Angular is Google Adwords.

The Difference Between React And Angular

Data Binding

Angular provides two-way data binding while React enables one-way data binding.

Where two-way data binding implies the view shall get affected if you make any changes in the model, and vice versa.

While one-way data binding means view will not get affected if you make changes in the model , but not the other way around. This implies that data flows in only one direction.

These conditions of data flows known as Bidirectional and Unidirectional, respectively.

DOM Usage

DOM -Data Object Model of a web app. Though, it is possible to use both virtual DOM and regular DOM for web development.

Angular utilizes the browser’s DOM, while React works on virtual DOM.

Basically, a virtual DOMs are simplified version of regular DOM. By using a virtual DOM, developers can change any element very quickly and there is no need to render the whole DOM. This greatly changes the performance and uplift it from good to excellent.

Virtual DOM is very popular nowadays just because it is faster, and speed is the key for great user experience.

State Management

Every application includes numbers of stages. Complexity is major component of data morphing over time. It is critical to know about it. The user interface is described by the components it includes at a point in time. Then, when data changes the framework re-renders the entire UI of component. It ensures that the data is update every day.

While React has Redux to handle states. It is often used as a solution. In Angular, there is no need for Redux. But, if your application is large enough, there you shall need it. Some developers also opt to utilize MobX in place of Redux. MobX is more reliable and includes various magical features. Whit this, things automatically done for you behind the scenes.

The fact is both of the platforms are complementary to each other, let’s see the benefits these technology is providing.

Benefits of React

  • This makes overall component writing easier, while HTML makes sub component rendering easier.
  • Boost productivity by enabling DOM that enable ease such as a change in one component will affect others. It also facilitates ease in further maintenance.
  • Faster component rendering, as the performance is major app aspect. Virtual DOM also reduce performance issues.
  • A stable code that makes the small changing easier. While you will make any change in child structure, the parent will not get affected, as React work on downward data flow.
  • SEO Friendly Application.
  • Easy Mobile Application Development.
  • Strong Developer Community Support & easy to learn.

Benefits Of Angular

  • Typescript application structure with higher support.
  • Easy testing, as you can load all necessary services and perform automation testing.
  • Angular creates highly reusable application, and you can create user interface with moving parts.
  • A consistent code makes code reading easy for developers and improves productivity of the team.
  • An easy to maintain application that replace and decouple components and provide better implementation.

The fact is both of the technologies have their own benefits and which one could help in accomplishing the purpose is that you have to decide. Whether you are creating a mobile or web application, you need to pick the right technology stack and hire a deft development team like Techugo. That can justify with your app idea and can implement all required features clearly. So, let the battle of react vs angular continue, and focus on finding value. To know more reach application development experts.


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