19 Dec 2018

What All It Takes To Make A Successful Entertainment App


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Entertainment App

Entertainment, this word strikes our nerves , but have you ever wondered how would be our life today without the involvement or access to the social media, movies, games, pictures etc?

Well, it would be gloomy and boring not to have these entertainment resources in our day to day life.

The reason is very simple, we are living in a world, where we all deal with the stressed saturations on daily basis and towards the end of the day, we are exhausted with our work responsibilities and are in a major need of some entertaining things which will help us in relaxing.

The most popular and widely used entertaining platform currently is the smartphone!

With the advent of smartphones, the perspective of entertainment has changed, as smartphones can provide the user an easy and continuous access to their needs through the entertainment apps. People can use these apps whenever they want to according to their wish. Smartphones make it very easy to get the latest news and updates about your favorite shows or movies. A business can benefit a lot from an entertainment app. Thus, make an app for the entertainment of people has become very crucial.

Also, as a marketer, you should know the level of profit an entertainment app can give to your business, taking into consideration the fact that millions of people across the globe use these apps on a daily basis. The entertainment apps come in various different forms. These apps keep the users engaged, logged in always and deals with streaming, searching events, chatting, watching videos online, posting photos to social media. As the owner of a business, you have several options for choosing and developing an entertainment app. Your app can provide social media, games and even news outlets for entertainment.

The different genres of entertainment app are:

  • TV/Film: Streaming apps are very popular. These apps provide the users with streaming shows and movies. One good example is, Netflix. Also, with your app, you can provide streaming solutions for various types of entertainment.
  • Music: This is the most used entertainment app in the world without any doubt, as music is loved by everyone and is essential for a healthy mind. These apps make it easier for the listeners to hear any music from any artist. Thus, this makes music more accessible.
  • Games: You can find millions of gaming app in the market and if you develop a new game with a unique idea, concept, and graphics you can easily succeed in your business with high revenue generated through that app.
  • Media/News: These are the apps with which you can attract the users who are interested in knowing the current happenings around them and can grow audiences. People of all age group use these apps as they are informational but at the same time very entertaining.

An awesome entertainment is an app that includes a stunning look, high graphics, simple user interface and high functionality. It requires a lot of research work and planning in making an entertainment app.

The various features which are expected in an entertainment app are:

  • Stunning Design Themes
  • Edit Photos
  • Advanced CMS to publish content, Advertisement
  • Special effects for Video/Gaming Apps
  • Simple to publish audio/Video Advertisement
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Attractive Photo Gallery
  • Push Notifications
  • News, blogs, posts, reviews
  • Excellent Performance
  • Easy to Update content
  • Trouble-free App Administration & Maintenance
  • Add/Delete Audio/Video

Although the entertainment apps are pretty engaging and attractive, you must make sure that the users stay involve with your app continuously, by providing several features and timely updates to your app. Below are several tips for engaging the customers. With the help of these tips you can easily increase the customers and maintain them.

Great Performance

In these modern times, everyone is surrounded with a lot of work and responsibilities after completing that work, people will obviously get tired and exhausted and they won’t be having the patience or the willingness to wait for even 2 minutes for your app to start. Thus, make sure that your app performance is higher as if a new customer finds your app slow then he may never return. Thus, to have the desired conversion of visitors into customers make sure your app works well and not just fine.

First Time Customer Experience

It is a fact that almost 23% of the app users abandon an app right after their first use due to the reason of low performance. Thus, it has become the most prominent aim of the people making an app to make their user experience worthwhile. Nowadays most of the entertainment apps come with a guided tutorial so to give the users get a clear demonstration and introduction as to what the app would offer. While making the app the developer should focus on the simplicity and the design of the app has to be attractive.

Simple On-boarding

The registration in the app must be very simple and fast as the users generally look for a quick entertainment without any delay. Thus, make sure that the app provides the users a simple method for logging. Also, you can optimize your registration process in such a way that they can log in directly through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. This will make the process quick and effortless.

Event-based Triggered Automation

The correct time to interact with the users is when they have completed an in-app event. That would be the time when you can have their undivided attention and can send them further information and promotions. This will help you in engaging with your customers even more. This will enhance the customer’s experience and these timely relevant notifications will drive your user deeper involved in your app and connect with you in a better way.

Entertainment apps have become an integral part of our daily lives, hence, if you want to get an app developed for your business, you can reach to a leading top mobile app development company to give an incredible approach to your app concept.



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