1 Sep 2017

Tips To Design An App Icon

App Icon

We first buy something from our eyes…and I think this statement is absolutely correct. You can easily observe the actual state of this statement, after looking at the most obvious situation of our life. When we go for an online or offline shopping mode, for any need, the first aspect grabs our attention is the look of that object, and then we proceed with checking the price-tag and the quality, in other words, the quality is judged by the look of the product. This is not a shocking situation which I have mentioned herewith, rather it is a very common situation, which happens with most of us in day-to-day life, when a customer wants to make a buy, the first thing he looks for is the design and the overall look of the product, since that gives a feeling wherein your own reflection comes through the products and surprisingly this is applicable not just to the dress, utensils, electronic devices, but even on the mobile App Icon which we use daily to solve the numerous purposes of our lives.

Although with a mobile app, this rule is religiously followed, since there is a chaos of mobile apps in the app world, which offer the users a myriad of options to try, if not happy with the one. Many app developers have a disbelief that mobile apps are only about their functionality and the features, but they forget that app design too is equally and very much important since it helps the users to pick the mobile app at the first look. The mobile app design consists of various segments, but since I want the designing part to be elaborately discussed, so I would be discussing the relevance of app icon design today. Hope it would be of some help for you, and you would gain the detailed insight from it.

Relevance of An App Icon

Relevance of An App Icon

At first, I want to address the reason why an app icon is significant and needs to be given attention. The app icon actually works to promote your brand and spread the awareness about the same, it is that small, but important part of an app, which represents your business functionalities and is a reflection of your business. This app icon remains available on your user’s mobile 24/7 and needs to be given importance since it would remind your users about your business, so it needs to be something unique with a perfect blend of your business identity and your users’ requirement. So below mentioned are some of the MUSTs you need to consider carefully while designing an app icon…let’s proceed…

  • Shape & Color Matters Most

We all have different choices and our work reflects our personality, but when it comes to designing your app icon, you need to be little simple and sophisticated with the icon’s shape and color, so it can gain the instant recognition amongst the users. The color of the icon should be reflecting your services, for instances, for a fashion brand the bright color theme and unique shapes can be picked to reflect the real essence of the industry, but for a technology brand, the color and the shape must be in accordance with the taste. It is vital for you to understand the industry and its targeted users to serve the right app icon with a perfect blend of suitable background and shape. While picking the color for your icon, try to make a contrast, for instance, if blue (the mostly picked color for the logo) is your logo color, then pair it with something brighter for a greater impact.

  • Don’t Confuse Icon With An Image

An app icon is itself suggest a story about your products and services and be very careful while including the image in it, rather I suggest to make the app icon a combination of graphic visualization and logo mark, so users can recognize it visually. Since an is hard to be recognized at the small size of the icon, and can never get deserving recognition, so try it to be a more graphic representation of your ideas, helping the icon to gain the visual relevance.

  • Shun The Words Away

An icon is a small representation of your visual ideas, which represents the client’s business in a detailed manner, adding words within an icon is a complete NO because the scarcity of space makes the words crumble and unrecognizable. The thumb rule suggests avoid the inclusion of text altogether unless they are a part of the logo, and even in such cases, it needs to be carefully integrated. I recommend to go sans text, but if no other choice is left, then ensure to include a descriptor line under the actual icon, this would not hamper the flow of the app icon design.

  • Know About Your Competitors

I am not advocating the cut, copy and paste option here, but I am referring to something more serious here, primarily known as ‘influence’. By studying your competitors you make a point that you can get the ideas from their icons, and can create a unique icon for your specific needs.

Designing an app is indeed a tough job, and needs thorough research, you cannot just get up and start developing the mobile app icon, there are certain rules you need to follow to adhere to the requirements of users, platforms, and design, since it is an essential aspect needed to make your app taste the success. An app icon, whether they are detailed or simple, conventional or creative, but all have one purpose to serve, that they should be able to draw people’s attention to it, so crown your mobile app with a chic piece resulted through the hours of dedication, visualization, and efforts.

The another aspect which matters most for the app success is the mobile app development process, which needs to be only carried out with a right mobile app development company, so your mobile app can gain attention and success in no time. If you are finding it tough to get a right mobile app development company for your app concept, then you should consider a leading name in the app development field that is Techugo.

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