17 Jun 2020

Unleash What New Snapchat Has Brought For Android And Ios Users


Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps among the users, and its filters are making the users worldwide going drooled over. Well, this very most favorite app has brought revolutionary changes in its platform, during its online Snap Partner Summit 2020.

If you wonder that it is only sufficed to features and redesign, then you need to hold your breath, as there is much more to be experienced with this new update.

Let’s grab a closer look at what Snapchat has brought to the users with this new update.

Mini apps are a part of Snapchat now!

Now Snapchatters can get the Mini apps within the Snapchat app from third-party developers, and will allow them to create a mini app for improved user-experience. This will enhance the social experience for the users and will allow users to play games. There are also new Bitmoji for Games, to improve the experience of the users while playing with their friends.

There is also Bitmoji Paint, letting users create one big global collage and the new Dynamic Lenses let users send snaps with custom lenses.

What more Snapchat has got?

There is an inclusion of the new Topics feature, letting users share snaps on Our Story by including Topic sticker, which further can be seen by others. And the Story Replies for users to reply to ‘Snap Stars’ stories, is indeed a game-changer for this app.

Experience food and places 

As Snapchat has got a makeover, now users can access the new Action Bar for improved navigation within the app. Also, the ‘Places’ in the Snap Map will bring the most popular destinations on the map with millions of listing available.

But this map section will not just reveal the popular places, but users can also order food via Postmates, DoorDash, and Uber Eats in the US.

Voice scan 

Snapchat has also brought an engaging feature; Voice Scan, allowing users to look for Lenses via voice commands. Also, in the ‘Happening Now section’ users can get updated information about everyone that is happening in the world.

To make this feature with true value, Snapchat has partnered with The Washington Post, Bloomberg, Reuters, NBC News, ESPN, NowThis, E! News, Daily Mail, BuzzFeed News, and many other prominent names in the news world. Also, this very app has brought new Snap Originals such as Coach Kev, Fake Up, Move It, Road Trippin’, First Person, Queen of Stylez, Life By The Horns, Frogtown, Action Royale, and Total Badass Wrestling.

Be a part of Snapchat originals

And this all doesn’t stop here, but Snapchat is giving an offer to users to be a part of the Snap Originals with the use of Snapchat’s AR. Also, you cannot miss the more engaging features added to the ‘Here For You’ section, helping to create a better focus on mental health.

AR filters are revolutionized once again!

The most engaging aspect of Snapchat is the AR filters, brought by its LensStudio. And now, the LensStudio has got an update for new features in the form of the new Camera Kit. The developers can access the SnapML feature, enabling them to add any machine learning models to it. Further, the Local Lenses would provide a platform for the users to enter a new AR world, where they only have to press and hold the camera to launch new AR filters.

Snapchat usage spiked during COVID-19

It goes without saying, but just like other social media platforms, Snapchat has also witnessed the spike in its usage since the Coronavirus outbreak. To support this research, there is new data from parent company Snap, which has revealed further that users are turning to the platform. As they are finding it an efficient platform to stay in touch with their loved ones.

There has been an increased engagement across the platforms and this huge traffic is coming from communication between close friends. Also, the Group Chat engagement has reached an all-time high score during this period.

The credit falls into the lap of Snapchat’s AR capabilities, helping users to stay engaged with the engaging lenses, and the time spent on such lenses is more than 25 percent. On the other hand, something which has left everyone surprised is the fact that this very platform is not getting used just as a mode to connect with the friends, but data has revealed that this platform is being used by the users to log their new routines. In this way, users are adjusting their interests, priorities, and choices.

Are you ready to be surprised further?

Then you must know that users are turning to Snapchat as a source of news and information. And so far there have been more than 445 Discover Stories or Shows which have been produced on COVID-19. Also, more than 68 million users on the global forefront have viewed COVID-19-related content on Snapchat.

Also, the news related to financial sites is seeing increases the activity, as Snapchatters look forward to closer attention to their investments in this hard time, when nothing is certain. Snapcchatters have also seen an increase in the news related to fitness & wellness, streaming & music, gambling games, and mobile gaming among many others.

Food for thought

As there is so much uncertainty going around us due to pandemic, it becomes necessary for the brands to provide an efficient platform to the users. This will help them to stay engaged and beat their monotony and helm out a seamless platform. Indeed, with Snapchat, users can easily resonate and get out of the depression.

The integration of AR technology involved within such a social media platform also encourages the users to feel more connected with the brands and provide value to the customers.

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