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12 Mar 2018

What Users Want From Your App

There is a hairline difference between an app and a successful app, and many think that it is just a different way of using the adjective along with the noun app, and nothing beyond it… but people coming from the technical background, and especially the brood of leading mobile app development companies, can easily mark the difference between two and eventually this difference makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE.

How rhyming it has turned out to beJJJ

Well cutting the humor from my main context, I shall explain that an app or a successful app, speaks a thousand aspects about the app, and consequently, these aspects lead to the success of a particular business’s goals, for which the app was developed for.

But the question arises what exactly makes an app successful? Is there a proven theory which needs to be integrated with every app? Is there something one needs to keep an eye on?

Hmmm…questions are many and as a matter of fact, the app’s success does depend on thousands of aspects and one of the most prominent one is to know ‘what users want from your app?’

Do you find my words funny???

Maybe I did tickle that funny bone and might have caused that sarcastic curve to come on your lips, but whatever you take, the plain and the most powerful theory suggests that unless you know what your users want from your mobile app, you can never make the app successful…

A mobile app is combination of code, design, prototype, wireframe and many other technical aspects which would take me longer to mention herewith, but apart from these technical aspects, something which really pushes the app dream forward is the business goals, users’ needs, market demand and the users’ expectations, which actually carve out the dream of mobile app on the reality platform.

I had noticed and experienced many examples in the market, which convey the failure of the mobile app due to the non-existence of users’ expectations within the app features and functionalities and as a result, the mobile app flunked.

Thus with this post, I want to address the expectations of a user from your mobile app, so let’s read ahead…

App Personalization

The app personalization is one of the toughest parts to bring alive in a mobile app, it can be by any means, for instance: personalization in UI; font size, brightness, color theme, personalization in content; addressing the audience, not much technical, personalization in notification; addressing the user by name, showcasing the relevant offers as per users’ pick…are some of the popular instances of app personalization.

Failing to adapt personalization in your mobile app, leads to a body with no soul, so if you want your app to get accepted by the users, you need to integrate the app personalization.

Chat Option

It sounds quite interesting to know that an average mobile user prefers to chat and send an e-mail in the event of any query, suggestion or complaint rather taking a call directly, since chatting is something much convenient and users expect the mobile app to chat with them just like their friend, thus the integration of chatbots within a mobile app is much expected from the users.

Location-Based Information

If I personally have to address this point than for me something which matters most is location-based mobile apps since they guide me with the real-time information of accessing the services.

For instance, the moment your user enters your restaurant, your app identifies and updates users about the discount, meal of the day and any other special offer for the day.

This not just creates a personalized experience for the users, but also encourages the users to try the services.

I agree, you app genre has a different demand and your industry is different, but integrating the mentioned features coupled with your other app features, you simply allow your app to jump over the bridge of app and successful app and believe me it feels exotic to stand at another side of the bridge.

So the crux of the deal is focused on two points, first get your app developed by a leading mobile app development company and second integrate these functionalities along with your app’s other features, and taste the success.



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