8 Dec 2020

Why E-commerce Brands Must Switch To Bots?

Due to the global outbreak of deadly coronavirus, businesses have been suffering from multiple setbacks. From poor sales to a decreasing number of loyal customers, both emerging and established companies in the e-commerce industry are trying to overcome the economic dip.

Have you been looking for applicable solutions as well???

If your aim is to bulletproof your e-commerce business against any possible world-wide disasters, then you are at the right place! Today in this blog, we would be sharing detailed insights about a growing technology, that has proved its efficiency in the expanding world of electronic and mobile commerce. So without any further ado, let us begin our journey towards a better understanding!

Switching To Bots For Better Customer Assistance

The biggest and most effective weapon against the economic side-effects of COVID-19 is none other than TECHNOLOGY! As the foundation of brick and mortar businesses shakes, digital platforms have been flourishing throughout the lockdown which was imposed globally, to contain the spread of the contagious virus. The credit for this gargantuan success goes to the intelligent chatbots, commonly known as bots.

Add a pinch of technology to the good old Q&A process, and you will get chatbots. It makes the most of Natural Language Processing and the related technologies, in order to stimulate a conversation between a user and a machine on digital platforms like applications or websites.

We live in a time where these bots handle almost 60% of the customer queries. They boost effective communication which eventually triggers the complete user experience. Bots have the potential to draw higher user engagement, and that is the reason why they have become impossible to resist.

Bots For Online Queries

We all know that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, users are shopping online, rather than traveling to a nearby supermarket. Since the crowd has shifted online, businesses are focusing on streamlining their user experience on digital platforms. Therefore, many have integrated chatbots with their businesses, and the results are outstanding. It is not tough to observe the increased quality of customer service.

Here are a few advantages of using bots, that many e-commerce brands have been relishing. Take a look-

1. They are being used to deal with impatient customers.
2. Have proved their efficiency in handling myriad user queries and doubts.
3. Intelligent bots are now able to handle complete orders.
4. They are known to upheave the level of a brand’s customer service capabilities.
5. A bot can trigger customer engagement to a great extend.
6. They help in gaining better insights, by monitoring customer data.
7. Help in lead generation.
8. They can simplify the process of becoming a global brand.
9. Last, but not least, they help in saving multiple resources like money and time.

Currently, the demand for 100% digital support experiences is encouraging brands to consider chatbot tech. It is necessary the companies are dedicated to enhancing UX by providing consistent and accurate support. By automating customer services, e-commerce brands would be able to handle a large number of queries.

Have you heard about Bots Deflection Rate? Well, it is a self-help automated resource that answers all the customer demands and queries in just a few numbers of chats. It curbs the need for human intervention, especially in processes such as as- shipments, cancellation, status request, refund, and much more.

In customer service handling the queries is not the only focal point, but reducing the handling time is also important. Many brands are observing the hike in the Customer Satisfaction Score, as the time of customer query handling has decreased.

In A Nutshell

You now know about all the different levels at which chatbots offer their assistance. So what do you think? Are bots you cup of tea?

Your interest in incorporating this technology decides the future of your own business. Before jumping to a conclusion, we recommend that you dig into the concept. There is no harm in initiating a discussion and learning the different ways to utilizes chatbots. Stepping into a brand new digital era demands that you learn about the better possibilities!

So feel free to reach out to us at any time, and for more exciting updates, stay tuned!

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