Why react native is the first choice of every business

27 Dec 2019

Why React-Native Is The First Choice Of Every Business?

The competition has turned demonically intrusive and letting the number of efforts to be invested during the app development process, and worth to mention the latest and the advanced set of technologies as well to go along with it.

The damage to be faced by the competition can really be healed with the integration of the latest technology such as React Native.

Yes, React Native is the latest tinsel on the town of app technology and is focusing largely on making the user experience better than ever before, but are you not willing to understand that what exactly the react-native has in its baggage, which only draws the attention from the users???

To help you understand the hidden magic behind the React Native, we have come up with this post today…just read further…

Although there are numerous benefits associated with the React Native, but some which really change the face of app technology face for the further app’s success, are:

  • It is compact and highly productive and works seamlessly on the variable data.
  • It carries a unique structure, allowing the developers to write the modular code, which can be reused efficiently on other platforms.
  • It possesses the error notification system and standard JS debugging tools allowing the bug-free app experience.
  • It has the ‘live reload’ feature, which lets the developers check the immediate result of the latest changes made in the code.
  • Its modular and intuitive interface helps the developers to developers to delve into someone else’s project and build a hassle-free.
  • These reasons are sufficient to help you understand the worth of React Native, and how it can change the face of app development.

Now let’s figure out the different businesses and industries that are already taking the benefits from the React native technology:

  • Facebook
  • Walmart
  • Bloomberg
  • Instagram
  • Townske
  • Gyroscope
  • And many more

However, you should know that React Native is not just the choice of big brands, but there are multiple startups as well, who have embraced the platform and are letting their businesses to succeed further…

Popular startups using React Native technology:

  • Delivery.com
  • Chop
  • Discord App
  • UberEats
  • Wix.com

You must be wondering that why startups are picking on React Native, so the reasons for this specific selection are:

  • React Native works well on both the platforms, hence reduce the development cost
  • Delivers the consistent user-experience on various platforms, letting the bug-free app performance to be accessed
  • Another advantage of React Native, the mentioned code lines are less in number and short in length.
  • Provides the reusable native components
  • Easier to switch to React Native from the current app, even if it is on another platform
  • React Native apps can access in-built hardware elements of mobile devices like GPS, maps, Bluetooth easily.

These are some of the reasons that are triggering the startups to pick react native, but above all, you must not forget to get your app infused with the React Native, you need to get it developed by the leading app development company in Canada.

An efficient app development company only helps your app concept to come into existence with a high-level of performance and incredible user-experience. Albeit, getting such an app builder in today’s competitive era is a daunting task and can really be a hard nut to crack, as every company available in the market, is actually not efficient enough to handle your requirements.

Henceforth to help you in associating with the best company, you must reach to us.

If you are thinking that why Techugo, then the simple reason suggests that this company is the fusion of creativity and innovation and every team member here is not just skilled but highly experienced to help you grasp the best of React Native technology in your mobile app.



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