7 Aug 2019

Witness The Unstoppable Impact Of Facial Recognition Technology


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Facial Recognition Technology

Don’t you ever wonder about the greatness and capabilities of facial recognition technology, that eases your task by earmarking the photos of your family and friends? With the help of this technology, Facebook is able to identify the appropriate individual’s face for tagging. But this doesn’t mean that the power of this technology is just confined to these walls.

What Is Facial Recognition Technology?

It is an advanced technology that assists in discerning and identifying human faces from a video or an image.

A system that is developed to perform facial recognition uses biometrics for mapping features from the given media. After that, it compares that information with the huge database in order to find the most appropriate match.

Facial recognition, used for examining images, is continuously emerging. It has the required potential in order to augment the daily lives of people, or even shapes the digital world in the coming years. To be more accurate, its biometric technology scans people’s faces or their pictures. After that, it detects different features like depth of the eye socket, space between the eyes, cheekbones, width of the nose, jawline or whatnot.

A specific software identifies and reads 80 nodal points from a numerical code, records the faceprint and in its database. After the face print is recorded, the software compares the face from the data that has been captured.

In many countries, more than half of the population has been recorded in a particular recognition database. According to the reports, the entire market of global facial recognition has gained a lot of fame because of the glut of emerging trends. Another aspect that has gained popularity because of its switch from 2D to 3D facial recognition and analytics.

What is the reason behind the switch?

Since 3D facial recognition has higher accuracy in terms of features, the market is expected to record ameliorated growth when compared to 2D recognition. In addition to this, the elevation of the market for facial recognition is expected to record a constant and steady growth when compared to that for 2D recognition.

Its Rising Popularity

In many countries, this technology is being used to provide access to the employees for entering the office building. There are multiple industries that are paving their way into this technology have a look,

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Retailers
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Security
  • Mobile Applications
  • And much more

How Is It Changing The World?

  • By Proving Access And Security

It is going to turn a lot of heads in the coming years, as it is capable of doing a lot of other things. Facial recognition is not only going to change the digital world but is also going to modify the way we work. Owing to that, facial recognition & AI application development practices are growing all around the world.

The usage of facial biometrics is going to be huge and widespread. Very soon advanced development will allow users to access their car or house just with their faces. This helps users to not stress over the lost car keys, as they can operate it with the aid of this technique. A popular example of using this tech is providing security by unlocking smartphones with the help of face ID.

Many tech giants have already adopted it to fetch maximum benefits from it, for example securing the sensitive information and managing it.

  • By Improving The Healthcare System

Are you not able to think about how this tech is going to be inculcated in the healthcare industry? Well, try to imagine a situation when you walk into the hospital. And! the receptionist calls you by your name and assigns you the right medical aid that you need. Isn’t it surprising?

Yes, this is possible because of this amazing tech. The camera identifies you and your data, which in turn helps you to get suitable treatment according to your alignment. On the other hand, the physician is able to quickly examine you and the prescriptions will automatically be sent to the medical store. In the end, the medicines will be delivered directly to your home.

This allows healthcare industries to secure their patients’ information.

  • By Enabling Criminal Identification

It is going to change the way security forces operate, by simplifying the complete process. After its successful implementation, police, and military can easily spot law offenders or terrorists. The reason behind its popularity is the 99 percent accuracy rate under supervised traffic.

Countries like the United Kingdom, Russia, the US, Germany have effectively inculcated facial recognition in order to keep a check on security risks.

It will be interesting to see how the tech world is going to inculcate facial recognition technology into the various fields, in the coming years.

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