16 Jan 2021

7 Misleading AI Myths You Must STOP Believing NOW!


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AI is in VOGUE, and the credit goes to its promising functionality, which has made businesses to add efficiency and effectiveness to their working model.

Sadly, the hype around AI has also brought many myths in the mainstream, leading people to live in their own bubble. Well, now it is the time to break the cocoon and let reality spark prevail.

The fear around AI is the result of overactive imaginations of people, which results into get misled by popular myths and misconceptions easily.

Well not to grow panic, as below are some of the myths about AI that you should be aware of. Let’s get on a tour to debunk the façade covering the reality space in and around AI.

1.Myth- AI development needs a HUGE budget

This is the most super-popular myth; hence I have kept it on top of my list. Many businesses understand the worth of AI integration in their business, but due to cost fear they skip it. So you need to know that AI has grown at a rapid-fire speed, where tools have grown increasingly available to business users. And this means it doesn’t require any more Google-sized investment.

However, there are some exceptional AI apps, that need more money as there is higher technology involved, but not every app needs it. So you can build an AI app within your budget only as there are many tools and software available in the market now, which will ease down the road for you.

  1. Myth- AI and ML; are the same thing

OOPS! This is not the fact. You would be surprised to know that ML-Machine Learning is a subset of AI. In simpler terms, you can say that AI, is an umbrella term for a wider set of computer engineering techniques, and that includes ML, NLP, and rule-based systems. So ML comes under AI as a proven technique, but they both aren’t similar or the same at all.

  1. Myth- AI; machines can learn on their own

It sounds nothing less than a dream, just like Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi flick, where machines are self-reliant. But it is not the reality, so wake up!

No wonder, a finished AI product gives an impression that it can learn on its own, but to make this happen, you eventually need the help of data scientists. These trained professionals frame the problem, prepare the data, determine appropriate datasets, remove potential bias in the training data. Further, they get indulged with updating the software to help integrating new knowledge and data, to help it function. This gives zero space to machines to learn on their own. 

  1. Myth- AI can subdue humans

More than a myth, it is a fear among us, that someday or other machines will control humans. But you need to understand the fact, that AI is as smart as we program it. The human brain is one of the smartest systems in the world. There is no AI without humans, as it totally depends on the algorithms created by data scientists, who build, teach, and give it the capability to make decisions on our behalf. It is used to make decisions faster than humans, but it does not dictate that every decision made by AI is right. Hence, human intervention is and will always be required to make a much-informed decision. 

  1. Myth- AI is responsible to take a final medical call

TBH, it was one of the most insane myths I heard. I do agree AI is used in making the decision, but through any possible means, AI doesn’t have the last word. Let me cite an example of a radiology department, where regular X-rays, MRIs, CAT scans, and other medical imagery take place. Here the role of AI is to teach image classifiers to recognize abnormalities, and further, it can study millions of images to learn and interpret scans faster than a normal human. So it helps radiologists to carry out their jobs, but in any condition, AI doesn’t hold the authority to finalize the diagnosis.

  1. Myth- My business is not in NEED of AI

Nope, you are absolutely WRONG here, and every organization today requires AI to mark a difference in the business functionality. With this technology, you do not just streamline your business functions but also get an edge over your existing and potential competitors’ brood. Avoiding AI within your business model is the same as forgoing the next phase of automation, and no prize for guessing but that only calls for a DANGER signal. So it is better to respond to market and users’ demands and adapt and grow effortlessly. 

  1. Myth- AI cannot be trusted upon 


Well, the fact suggests AI is one of the most transparent technologies which works on algorithms with a much more mature approach. It goes without saying but it helps to gain visibility into why something has happened and what was the process behind it. It means you can trust this technology and implement it within your business.

Food for thought

With the advent of technology, there are many chances to have myths around AI. But your ultimate aim should always be to find out the fact and revisit your decision to implement the tech trend. To be specific, with AI technology, you must find out the appropriate use cases to ensure how this very tech trend augments human work, decisions, and interactions.

On the other hand, if you are willing to experience functional innovative opportunities in your business, then you must not delay it anymore and get an AI solution.

Give us a call to integrate AI into your business strategy and be ready for forthcoming disruptions.



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