9 Nov 2016
Updated on May 9th, 2019

The New Age of Mobile App


Ankit Singh

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Mobile App

Having said, that “Technology has reached from our desktop to our palms,” would not be wrong. Now technology leads our lives and we look forward to more tech inventions to occur in the future to make our lives more convenient and blissful. The smartphones are ruling the world now, instead of accessing the information from books or any other offline source, people opt for mobile phones and access the information as per their requirement. Mobile app developers are the source of our joy since they are developing the most intrinsic version of mobile apps, which ease down our stress to a little lower stage.

The major mobile platforms: Android, Apple & Windows are developing the mobile apps fit their targeted audience and platform needs. Internet and technology have been the two faces of the same coin and one has led to evolving another rapidly. Mobile apps have become an inseparable part of us, as per the report from comScore, in the year 2014 mobile usage surpassed desktop, and encountered the maximum digital media time being spent on mobile apps.

Why Mobile Apps

We all live in the tech era; and are always looking for convenience and comfort in the way we live. This world is dominated by technology and mobile phones are the most ubiquitous aspect to be found everywhere. Whether it is our morning alarm, navigation, tracking, entertainment, flight booking, paying bills, shopping, searching for the best place to visit, hotel booking and much more. Mobile apps can perform every single task, you can possibly think of, in the easiest and convenient way. Mobile apps are everywhere because they are low in price and easy to own and run. Most of the business owners are adopting the mobile app technology and meeting the customer’s demand.

How Are Apps Changing Our Lives?

Undoubtedly, mobile technology has affected the numerous areas of our lives and business and undeniably the way we work, play and live have all been transformed by technology. Our work strategy is fully authorized by technology installed within a mobile phone, you can easily find the policies implemented by the companies, providing corporate-owned devices to workers, mobile email, chat, meetings and applications such as CRM or inventory management systems are available for employees through the company app store, making the productivity more and more for the employees. When it comes to our day-to-day lives, mobile apps are solely responsible for providing entertainment and convenience. We spend hours on mobile apps for our convenience; travel apps for booking, trip planning, navigation. Technology has gone a step further with wearable gadgets, which are not just used by the health professionals but also by the commoners to keep a track of their health in countless ways. On the other hand, the household chores have become way better with IoT technology, with the household and personal devices, such as alarm clocks, watches, maps, cameras, flashlights, music players and much more. Mobile apps have converted the life into a convenience, we always dreamt for with various valuable services.

The Future of Mobile Apps

To think about the future, related to mobile apps, is beyond imagination with the advancement of technology with advances in virtual reality, 3D technologies and augmented reality, is out of the box concept, which would certainly go to the next level with an enhanced user experience and functionalities. In the current scenario, mobile apps have changed and are continually changing the way we live, learn, play, and interact. Now, to book a ticket, order food, spreading awareness, marketing, shopping and many more other things can easily be achieved with mobile apps. Mobile apps have changed the world and changed the business and with the interesting functionality such as voice transcription, 3D scanners, file sharing/synchronization and note taking. Since the mobile apps and mobile phones are getting smarter, organizations are adopting the mobile app technology and turning more dynamic, consequently making the employees more productive, happy and efficient.

If you are planning for a mobile app for your business, you can get in touch with our team to discuss further your mobile app concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your mobile app requirement.

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