29 Sep 2019

Android 9 Vs Android 10; Which One Is Best To Pick?

Android 9 Vs Android 10

It is a blessing to have Android within our pockets for over the last decade!

All credit falls in the lap of Android’s open platform, that has created a community of mobile users who can access different services and products with Android.

Over a period of time, Android has grown and expanded beyond phones to tablets, cars, watches, TVs and today holds more than 2.5 billion active devices globally.


Yes, it is the surprising stat but surely speak the true essence of every user and the specific preference. Google has always ensured to bring convenience and exclusive experience for its users, and in this run, the launch of Android 10 has already created a STIR!..

Android Q is Android 10

No, it is not the DIFFERENT name, but the very functionalities of the Android 10 which are making developers and users share the mixed reaction.

And the MILLION-DOLLAR question has come into existence: Android 9 vs Android 10; which one is best to pick?

OOPS! That’s a question putting everyone on fire these days and has turned out to be a MOOT point for many out there.

Although the Android 10 features are loaded with great User-experience, but when it comes to making a comparison, then there are various factors which must be paid attention to. So let’s take a quick look at what all both the OSs contain within their model, with this post… 

OS Name

  • Android 9 – Pie
  • Android 10- Android Q

UI/UX Design

Android 9

The UI and navigation, with Gesture feature, is probably the most well-known and widely discussed aspect of Android 9. To be précised, the color scheme is the place to mention Google’s primary goals for the future of Material design.

Android 10

It has followed up the Android 9’s gesture-based navigation, now Android 10 features a fully gesture-based method of navigation. Also, Android 10 allows the Android Pie’s two-button system and the traditional three-button array.


Android 9

Android 9.0 Pie added an option to toggle the dark and light quick settings themes, instead of leaving it up to the wallpaper’s color palette like Android 8.0 Oreo. The theming tint is set to the same wallpaper detection-based automatic mode as the previous version of Android. 

Android 10

Android 10, is giving users even more ways to tinker with the look of their device. Now there’s a new Theming section where phone’s accent color can be changed and it has the iconic Pixel blue.

Messaging and Emojis

Android 9

Android 9.0 was introduced with 157 new smile emojis, which could really change the user-experience of the users. For instance: Google’s four new hairstyle emoji, The Turtle emoji and even the comic book characters.

Android 10

Android Q is loaded with emojis of professions, and a new selection of foods and animals. Also, the transmutation in emojis has made them appear more gender-neutral.

Battery Consumption

Android 9

Android Pie, most users have either seen a slight improvement in battery life or reported no perceivable difference with the ‘Adaptive Battery’ and ‘Automatic Brightness Adjust’ functionality.

Android 10

The dark mode theme has got an upgraded adaptive battery setting, and now Android 10’s battery life is longer than Android 9.

Privacy & Security

Android 9

The Android 9 Pie can be described as more secure than is predecessors since it was filled with several anti-exploitation techniques and a hardened platform. Also, the upgraded File-Based Encryption system to provide support for external storage media really changed the game.

Android 10

Be ready to notice the dedicated Privacy section in the Android Q. Once you open, it reveals the various permissions for things like calendar, location, camera, contacts and many more.

Earlier users never got the clear idea of what data, apps get access on the device, however with this new section it becomes easier to discover and revoke permissions for specific apps.

Sharing & Connectivity Option

Android 9

With Android 9 users can pair “up to five Bluetooth devices and switch between these devices seamlessly. Also, it routes to any Bluetooth speaker or paired audio accessory that’s capable of handling calls.

Android 10

Now Android 10 has replaced Android Beam with Fast Share and now this feature includes the fusion of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct to create a connection and transfer files faster than its predecessors.


Android 9

The mechanism of Android 9 notices the routinely swipe away an app’s notifications without ever tapping into them, the system will show a prompt asking if a user is willing to shut off notifications for that particular app instead of swiping over and over again.

Android 10

The very spectrum of app notifications has turned quirky and is in the form of bubble chat heads. Users may find the circular notification floating across the screen, so users wouldn’t get disturbed by the notifications. Also, users have the option to set notifications to Silent or on Alerting mode, as per their needs.

Wi-Fi Option

Android 9

In Android 9 Pie, a new setting automatically turns off the hot spot back off when Android detects that no devices remain connected. This measure is toggled on by default.

Android 10

We agree that sharing a Wi-Fi network password with friends or asking for theirs can be a little awkward. With Android 10 there is a new feature which lets users to create a QR code for their Wi-Fi network or scan a QR code to join a Wi-Fi network, directly in the device’s Wi-Fi settings.

Digital WellBeing

Android 9

Digital Wellbeing is designed to help Android users monitor their phone and app usage. With this feature, the user can also activate Wind Down – a feature which is a combination of grayscale and Do Not Disturb to manage the notifications.

Android 10

In the Android 10, the Digital Wellbeing feature is Focus Mode, letting users select distracting apps on their phone and temporarily shut those apps off.

Well, well, well, this post really does spin the wheel of excitement and curiosity for you and am assured it lets you relish the best features & functionalities forever.

We’ll ensure to bring the best of information from the technological space and keep you posted, so just keep a check on Techugo’s social channels & blog page, which is filled with every latest news and technology information in abundance.

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