2 Aug 2016
Updated on July 22nd, 2019

Anti-Gravity Levitating Smartwatch Charger


During my school days, something which fascinated the little engineer within me most, was the way, that how in ancient times, people were dependent on the sun to check the status of the day. I always wondered how they differentiated the morning to afternoon and the late evening. I found out later, that for morning they saw the sun on the east bank of the sky and when the sun used to be in the middle of the sky, they understood it is the middle of the day and when the sun was at the western sky they realized it is almost the end of the day. This was all the science behind calculating the day. But, now time has changed with huge eruption of tech volcano, and has left us with some great pieces of technology, and one of them is Smartwatch.

Smartwatch is the latest gift of the modern technology. Smartwatch does not only check the time, but has numerous features to discuss, in short, it helps us to live an easier and comfortable life in this modern chaotic world. No wonder, smartwatch ought to be the next device one must acquire. We all love gadgets, or maybe we can’t live without them, they have become an integral part of our existence today. I as a layman, use gadgets and especially smart watch for the basic reason of remaining connected with technology, but the most tiring job of having a gadget is charging them on time, before their battery drains. The tangled wires are always the irritating factor, although now Apple Watch already has got the solution with the magic of wireless charging, but it is taken to the next level with a new kind of Apple Watch charger that is a combination of wireless charging with magnetic levitation. The wireless charger is designed to work with the Apple Watch and the Pebble smart watches. It lets your watch to be charged in a magnetic way.

By looks, it takes the viewers to the Steven Spielberg’s futuristic movie, since the charger looks like a piece of museum art from the future. This piece has been materialized, using magnetic levitation, a method that, which is quite commonly used now days in high-end bluetooth speakers. The basic technicality which works here in the Apple Watch charger is that the charging unit that holds your Apple Watch hovers over the charging base while delivering a charge to your device, also the same hovering charging unit can then be taken with you to serve as a backup charging solution when the battery in your Apple Watch runs low.

The Lift base can wirelessly charge your phone. Just place your smartphone over the induction pad and let it power up. Lift is also a smart lamp. When not charging your watch, you can replace the charging unit with the Orb, the first wireless smart lamp. The company’s kick starter campaign is offering this charging device at the just $149 and will be available for $199 when it’s available outside of the campaign.

It would not be wrong if this technology would make Apple Watch a go-to gadget for a variety of uses with a charger, which is undoubtedly a chic and aesthetic piece of technology so far.


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