8 Feb 2018

Why Your App Needs A Brand Story

I know this post is something very out of the league, which I have been writing for some time, but this post got a huge support from my instincts since I noticed, there lies the huge number of content online, which speaks but does not tell a story…

How unusual it sounds? How can a brand tell a story?

Well, to keep you aware of the most trending fact of the season suggests that without a story not a single brand can succeed…

OOPS, is this what happens???

Yes, this is what happens when you create a product but no brand story to go along with it…

Now the very first question arises that do we need brand stories for every product, then the answer suggests, everything which has the audience base, cannot be given a miss and must have a brand story, even if it is something related to technology even…


Even the technology needs a brand story?

Yes, it does…and as I said earlier the brand story has to be created for every product which has the audience base, and technology or any other domain is not an exception.

Brand Story Helps You Attain User Base

The quality of your product actually helps in gaining the audience, but creating a brand story helps you attaining the loyal customers.

A great brand story helps your users to relate to your product

How To Create A Brand Story

Well, a great brand story does not appear out of the fluke, and it needs to be largely created with attention to details so that it stimulates the thought process of your buyers. Although there are two major essentials which need to be followed to create a powerful story, such as:

  •     It must be able to help the audience to visualize a new world
  •     It needs to be engaging enough so the audience can relate to its very much existence


What Are The Ways To Create A Storytelling

The most beautiful aspect of the storytelling is that it takes the audience to travel to a very different world, where the audience can easily relate to the situation and are willing to buy the product further. This all which comprises of the storytelling has to be woven into a string of thoughts and cannot be given a miss, and this is very much possible with the help of significant content, which comes in the form of different forms, like blogs, articles, explanatory videos any other existing form of content which can help your product to communicate its value to the users.

Tips To Create A Powerful Brand Story

I know it is not an easy task, but if you have the driven passion to carry out this action, then only you can crack this deal…which is a major case-driven strategy in this factor.  Thus as a brand strategist, you need to pay additional efforts and put extra passion into your strategy and I have coupled with some other tips to help you in planning your brand story building strategy…

  •    Ask Yourself First

While creating the brand story, you need to ask few questions to yourself….

  •     What is the purpose of this story?
  •     Who is my targeted audience?
  •      How my audience will get the value from this?


  •     Stick To One Aim 

Your content has to be very straight-forward and it should not talk about 5 different aspects in one piece, it must focus on one aim only. For instance, if you decide to write about summer season and its effect on our health, then it must revolve around the summer only and there should not be any other reference to any other season to make it confusing.

  •     Your Stories Must Have A Connect 

A well-balanced brand story has one particular aspect and that is the connection with the users.

Yes, how far your branding story is addressing the issue of targeted audience in their language only. You need to craft down a story which is purely based on users’ issues, interest and concerns users are facing lately.

  •     The Initial Lines of Writing Needs To Be Highly Interesting


A sad fact suggests that a normal reader utilizes only first 100 words to stay hooked to your writing, which means clearly that if your writing is not selling the enough of the material to capture the audience’s attention, then no matter, how far you have written well in between the writings, your user would never read it further.

You need to offer a series of interesting facts based o the real-time situation to help your writing gain attention of the users.

The brand story even for your mobile app has to be created in the same way since a mobile app is also based on your users’ choice and requirements, and if as a top mobile app development company USA, you fail to offer a productive gateway to your users through the branding story of your mobile app, then you flunk thoroughly to gain the deserving recognition for your mobile app.



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