22 Apr 2022

Artificial Pollinators: Insect-Size Drones Will Now Pollinate Plants!


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Did you know?

“Bees pollinate more than $15 billion worth of crops every year in the U.S.” 

How is it important, you ask?

Researchers in Japan have put their sweat and blood behind the creation of insect-sized drones to replace bees in the pollination process. 

The bigger question is, WHY?

Surprisingly, the bee population in the US and worldwide is rapidly declining, and there are no other reasons than climate change, pesticides, and other growing diseases. Thus, it has given rise to artificial pollinators, and this article will precisely talk about the entire concept. 

So, how excited are you? 

Bees are Not Doing Well, and Here’s the Alternative!

drone technology

The declined population of bees is likely to impact the agriculture sector immensely, which is further going to negatively impact the economy since they act as pollinators.

Therefore, in the absence of pollinators, food production will decrease, directly impacting the demand as well. 

So, what’s the alternate solution? 

Stunningly, drone technology in robot pollinators works exactly like bees to accelerate the pollination process. The drone pollinators developed by the researchers too have animal hair at their back and a gel-like substance that enables them to pick and release pollen grains. 

Additionally, while the artificial pollinators are currently being operated with the help of remote control, researchers are looking forward to developing a mechanism that uses AI.

What’s the catch?

Since the bee-imitating drones are not autonomous, they have not been tested outdoors, and there’s still time before that finally happens! Therefore, researchers are also emphasizing drone app development for leveraging AI, GPS, and other advanced features for efficient functioning. 

 Other Popular Use Cases of Drones Technology 

Drone Uses

Now that you have reached this far, we assume you might also be interested in learning more about other use cases of drone technology. 

Don’t worry; mentioned below are some real-world examples. Take a look!

1. Terrain Mapping 

Scientists are now utilizing drones leveraged with 3D cameras and LIDAR sensors that help them capture terrains. In addition, these drones work on AI mechanisms, thus, eliminating the need for human intervention. 

Notably, terrain mapping primarily helps create robust Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), further used for scientific researches. 

2. Livestock Management 

Again, drone technology is amalgamated with Artificial Intelligence to keep track of livestock in the fields, giving an aerial view of the overall management. 

What’s more? 

Drones used for livestock management can also be incorporated with thermal sensors for nighttime surveillance. 

3. Solar Panel Check  

You must be familiar that solar energy is tremendously being used by numerous industries for renewable energy. Therefore, AI drones are now being equipped for solar panel inspection and monitoring any potential issues that might decline the efficiency of the same. 

The icing on the cake is its affordability, as solar panel inspection is inexpensive when compared to manual checking. 

4. Shipping and Delivery 

The time is not away when you’ll see drones flying on the streets carrying delivery packages for people. 

Is it really? 

That’s true! For instance, companies like Amazon and DHL have adopted the initiative to accelerate their delivery services. 

5. Search and Rescue 

As mentioned above, thermal sensors are leveraged with drones for easy nighttime surveillance. And its most beneficial use case is search and rescue missions! 

Certain areas like mountains, forests, etc., might be challenging to reach for human beings. Therefore, drones can reach where humans can’t and can be effectively used as search and rescue tools. 

What’s more? 

These drones can also help deliver emergency supplies like food, water, medicines, and more. 

6. Law Enforcement 

Law enforcement agencies are widely incorporating drones to monitor a situation and keep it under control, especially during protests. 

Apart from maintaining law and order, border management agencies also efficiently use drones to track down any illegal activities, like smuggling, transportation of drugs, etc. 

7. Entertainment 

Have you attended any concerts recently? 

You must have seen equipment flying in the sky around the concert area if you have. Yes, you’ve guessed it right! These are the drones used to capture aerial shots of the event and cover the entire show. 

Interesting, isn’t it?

Indeed, drone technology is amusing; however, don’t forget that it is controlled via mobile drone apps for smooth functioning. Therefore, if you’re secretly hoping to develop a drone app, now is your shot at connecting with the best drone app development company

What are your thoughts? 

The Bottom Line 

While these are some of the best uses cases of drone technology, artificial pollinators remain at the top, and we are really looking forward to witnessing its magic in the near future. 

Without exaggerating, we can’t deny the fact that drones have revolutionized the manner of human interaction with the environment. Fortunately, the advancement will continue to happen, and there’s a lot more yet to be seen. 

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