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22 Dec 2020

Benefits Of Building A Vr App For The Travel And Tourism Sector

Virtual Reality apps provide experiences to users with images and sound, which are simply more vivid than words can do justice.

VR in the travel industry has a long passage to cover, but considering the digital evolution during the COVID-19 time, has made it clear that VR travel apps are going to capture a good share in the market.

For travel companies looking to generate more visits, there’s no better marketing material than a VR app!

In this post, we have brought you some facts that what it means to run a VR experience for your travel business in 2021.

VR and Tourism & Travel sector

Virtual Reality offers power to the tourism and travel sector, to engage and entice potential customers. Indeed, the charm it creates is much more than any expensive travel brochure, and it paves a way for the prospective travel customer to get indulged with a 3D interactive experience. Now, it is very much possible for the traveler to make a smart decision and walk through the streets of Turkey and explore Topkapi Palace, and check the beauty of the destination.

In simple words, Virtual Reality is one of the effective promotional and advertising tools, enabling travel brands to offer a 360-degree video tour of hotel and destination, to divert prospects into the booking window.

The travel and tourism sector has a bright future in the post-pandemic world, as people would be drawn towards traveling and experience new things. Here, Virtual Reality technology can provide an entirely new level of traveling experience to customers.

What you can explore with a VR app for your travel & tourism business?

Try before you buy

Well, this very concept is very popular in the eCommerce sector, but VR has made it possible for the travel and tourism sector as well. It allows potential customers to explore the destination first before making a booking. It further gives an option to the users to get engaged with an interactive map within the VR app, to pinpoint directions, routes, and places of interest to your customers. It also gives them an option, to showcase the hotel resort or tour, to engage users and book the room, and worth to mention but it clearly conveys a message to your users that your travel company is transparent and authentic.

Give values to travelers

With a Virtual Reality app, you offer a unique experience to your users, that leads them to an immersive journey, facilitating a platform, where they can view the location, hotel room, where they can also take a walkthrough. Further, it also triggers users to make a direct booking on the hotel. It would be astonishing to know that it creates storytelling for users to visit the places with a new interest level. It goes without saying but this leaves travel companies with an ultimate marketing tool to grab the vast attention of the masses.

Kill boredom with VR technology

What can be worse than waiting in the airport lounge, or if due to COVID-19 there is a delay in the flight due to safety procedure for an unspecified number of hours. Yeah, that is the worst time for anyone out there, and this boredom strangulates all the excitement packed in the bags and brings annoyance at its best. Well, not anymore, with a VR app, travelers get the option to get a VR tour of the destination or vacation spots and re-establish lost charm back into the travel plan.

Is COVID-19 the right time to invest in a VR app?

Surprisingly, there is no better time than now to include a VR app in your tourism business. As everyone’s movement is highly restricted and the desire to visit a new destination to unwind, is on everyone’s bucket list at the moment. VR aims to transport travelers mentally to a different location, immersing them all but physically in that world. As the travel industry gets back on its feet once again, embracing VR is the best possible business practice to proceed ahead with. It leads travelers to get a 3D tour before touching down or land at a sight. In the pandemic, when there is a constant fear of invaded by a deadly virus, this technology can bring tourists a 3D tour of their location much before arriving at the destination. And worth to mention, it is highly different from mere pictures, and gives travelers to get immersed into the city before even setting foot in town.

How Techugo can help you?

At Techugo, we hold the expertise of crafting a variety of custom-built VR, AR, and 3D visualization experiences for the travel and tourism industry. We have already assisted some of the biggest travel and tourism brands across the world with a VR app experience.

Schedule a call with us to know more! 

We can help you transform the way your customers engage with your brand and their selected destinations.




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