1 Apr 2016

BOT – A Little Jarvis Of Microsoft

Microsoft Build 2016, kicked off in San Francisco on 30th March, 2016. Build has just wrapped up its two day Conference. Bots was the major announcement made by Microsoft, and can be taken as a Little Jarvis of Microsoft Technology. To give you further details, not to mention day wise, Techugo brings the recap of what the company discussed on both the days.
Here we go…

Day 1

• As expected the very first day, heard Microsoft Anniversary Update, Redstone, hopefully the name would be, though, Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the name yet, this update is likely to bring a few new changes specific to certain devices.

• Another feature, Windows Ink, is all set to enhance the controls and optimization of existing apps. Moreover, enhanced Sticky Notes will be able to recognize handwriting and offer contextual solutions, like creating a calendar event if a word like “tomorrow” is written.

• Cortana, will also get major upgrades, such as contextual, automated functions based on current functioning within an app. Cortana will be introduced to Xbox One during the anniversary update.

• Phil Spencer took the stage to talk up Xbox One Dev Mode. This new mode allows any old, retail Xbox One unit to transform into a developer kit with a mere press of a button. Now developers can create apps and even games for Xbox One without having to bug Microsoft for a developer kit. Also, Nickelodeon, Dailymotion, NASCAR and Hulu LLC announced plans to bring Windows 10 Universal Windows apps to Xbox One later this year.

• Wednesday encountered, an on-stage confirmation between co-creators Alex Kipman and Kudo Tsunoda sealing the deal of shipping HoloLens to developers starting from March 30th.

• Bots, Bots everywhere….this was announced by, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to bring Bots. Bots is an intelligent agent that lives within apps and services – to the forefront of computing. Microsoft issued a Bot Framework for developers to easily create, manage and deploy said bots to various Windows apps. Microsoft took a step further with its Cognitive Services suite of tools to enhance further the Microsoft machine learning capabilities.

• Skype, is going to uncover the old layer to wear a crazy Bot gown. This will include live audio/video to text translation, support for bots to communicate directly with Cortana to handle immediately. Microsoft also teased that Skype is coming to HoloLens, with gesture drawing support and Cortana’s machine intelligence built in.

Day 2

• Microsoft turned the second day of Build, was a very much developer focused. Azure- Microsoft cloud network, has officially gone bigger with data centers in 30 different regions. These data centers will mainly support businesses and enterprise solutions, Microsoft will use its cloud computing network to power games like Crackdown 3 the brains behind Windows 10’s Cortana.

• Cross platform app development tool, is going to be available for all Visual Studio users, the Xamarin tools also includes an Android and iOS simulator. These steps are taken by Microsoft to create more mobile apps using the cross-platform program on Windows 10, so the more software will be developed for the Windows platform.

• BMW, took the stage to announce at Build, a new connected drive app, which takes learnings from virtual assistants including Siri, Cortana and Google Now. The new BMW Connected app for the iPhone is powered by Microsoft’s Azure platform. This app manages appointments and notifies the driver when to leave, how the traffic looks and ways to avoid it.

• Last but not the least, Microsoft revealed another use of Hololens’ augmented reality headset to make a product coming to life.

Stay tuned with Techugo for more updates of Microsoft’s Build 2016 developer conference..




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