3 Mar 2021

Cost & Key Features For A Car Buy-Sell Mobile App Concept

Mobile App Concept

For more than a decade app technology has become an inevitable part of our lives, and has transformed the way we access services around us. And here, you cannot ignore the way apps have brought a change in purchasing small daily products to big purchases like a car.

As mobile app technology has widened its wings by reaching higher levels, the platform of a used car is continuously rising. Here a mobile app is your best friend to rely upon. If you are a used car dealer and willing to expand your business to every corner of the world, then this blog post will certainly help you.

Here, we’ve created a comprehensive guide about the cost and key features required to build an old/used car buy/sell app.

Let’s read ahead.

Panels for used car app concept

  • Admin Panel
  • Dealer Panel
  • User Panel

Key features for buying/selling used car app

Admin Panel

  • Car listing- This feature allows the admin to manage the listing of the car, with all the required information about the car.
  • Dashboard- This is the dashboard, through which the admin can track sales of total buy and total sell of used cars.
  • Add & Delete Car- Admin can add & delete the car models from the listing.
  • Manage Payment- This feature allows admin to manage the number of cars sold, so admin can manage payment and cut their commission on a sold car.
  • Discount & offers- It gives an incredible opportunity to the potential customers to avail the benefits through offers and discounts.
  • Push Notification- With this feature, the admin gets the option to send a notification to the users informing them of new car arrivals or any other information related to the car.
  • Manage Dealers Account-This feature allows admin to manage dealers’ accounts, and they have the opportunity to add or delete dealers.

Dealer Panel

  • Registration & Login-A much obvious feature lets car dealers register and login themselves with a unique ID to access the app.
  • Add/Delete Car- With this feature, car dealers have the ability to delete and add a car in their car listing. 
  • Manage price- It allows car dealers to manage the prices listed along with the cars as per increasing demands or market surge.
  • Additional car services- This lets dealers provide other services related to cars.

User Panel

  • Registration & Login- It is a common feature, helping users to register and log-in through the app. Here adding the social media login helps in accessing the app faster.
  • Using this, users can register themselves with mobile numbers and email id. The social login is the most useful feature to directly get on the board.
  • Filters- Indeed, this feature helps users to navigate through the app effortlessly, and check the car as per different preferences.
  • Review Car Information- With this feature, users can review the car and any other required information to divulge more details about the car and its features.
  • Compare Car- It allows users to compare the cars in terms of reviews & ratings, performance, features, and prices.
  • Registration Form-This form allows the users to get the quotation of the car, they’re interested buying in.
  • Test drive registration- Here, users can register for a car test drive, which they are willing to buy.
  • Exchange Car- This feature lets users avail of the available exchange offers with the used cars, and make the deal.
  • Contact Car Dealer- With this feature, users get the option to connect with the car dealer and get more information about the car.

Tech Stack of car selling/buying app

  • For front-end development- Swift, Java, CSS, Bootstrap
  • For back-end development- Javascript, AngularJS, Python
  • For real-time analytics- Google Analytics
  • Location Tracking- Apple Maps, Google Maps
  • Payment Integration- Braintree, PayPal
  • Storage- Google and Amazon 
  • Database- MongoDB, MySQL

How much would be the cost to build a used car app?

Well, this is the question I always look forward to answering, as there is nothing as such FIXED cost for the app concept unless you are replicating the existing solution, and I hope you know, there is no benefit to making the replica out of the existing ones.

You must know that the cost to create a used car app depends on a number of factors, such as features, functionalities, number of platforms, type of technology, app development company among many others.

Hence, to give you an accurate numerical figure, these factors need to be assessed. On the other hand, the price of building an MDP (minimum delight product) for a used car app starts from $45,000 to $75,000, but this is just a rough idea, and the actual cost can go beyond this, based on your requirements.

Final takeaway

The car buying/selling sector is on a constant run to grab the best of the technology and transform its offered services. Car apps are going to stay for longer as they bring convenience and comfort for the users, so invest in this concept before it gets too late for your business.

If you’re still wondering how to make a pace with technology trends to accelerate the growth of your business, then your search ends here. 

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