4 Oct 2018

Daydream VR Is Going To Turn Better


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Daydream VR

Without knowing the veracity of advanced technology it is pretty hard for us to comprehend the advantages offered by the creative umbrella. In this league of inventions, something which has captured the users’ attention to a larger span is Virtual Reality.

Virtual reality is the themed technology, which lets the users experience the reality in the virtual platform, and it is not just convenient but full of engagement.

However this post does not focus on talking about the Virtual Reality introduction, but it is further bringing the focus on that how Google is one of the top tech giants and it has decided to make a change into the wavelength of this very new technology.

The Connection Between Google & Virtual Reality

Google has always remained on its toes, to help the users to experience the latest technology in a most effective way.

Hence with virtual reality as well, Google has been working ingeniously to offer something inexpensive yet innovative to the audience, and in this league, many discoveries are made. Google Cardboard and Daydream view are some of the examples.

What Is Daydream View?

As the name suggests, it is all about letting the users experience the dreams in the bright sunny day thought the help of virtual reality.

In the year 2016, Google launched Daydream, a new VR platform for Android devices, which was built right into Android Nougat and supported by Google’s own viewer hardware, the Daydream View.

But by the year 2017, Google advanced this VR enabled headset and its technologies, by making it work sans a phone or connecting to a computer.

In simpler words, now Daydream view is all about to let the users the virtual reality content on a mobile device. There are 3 different aspects related to it. It has an optimal specification list, which device manufacturers must adhere in order to access the Daydream.

There is also a Google-made Daydream View VR headset, and there is an all-in-one hub for VR content in Daydream Home, which is a one-stop shop, letting the users start virtual reality apps or view videos while wearing the headset itself.

Cool!!! It really sounds interesting, but is this what we are here for today with this post?

No, absolutely not!

The reasons behind our post are quite different and it is about an announcement which Google has made recently.

Now Google is bringing support for all Android apps to Daydream VR

Isn’t it amazing???

OMG, pinch me if I am not dreaming.

Google is continuing to push its Daydream VR platform forward, the company announced today, as its making moves that expand the app support and usability of its devices. Describing three new features as “experimental” for testing by developers, Google is adding Android app support to all Daydream devices, and the Lenovo Mirage Solo is getting both six degrees of freedom (6DoF) controller support and a “see-through” mode.

What’s There In This Announcement?

As per Google now the  “Smartphone Android apps in VR” can open the phone UI versions of Android games, tools, and apps within a larger VR space.

Now the applications can be seen floating within “a virtual big screen” and can be further controlled through the standard Daydream pointing controllers.

This very feature would let the Android app developers integrate the basic Daydream support in their developed creative mobile app without building new UIs.

Mirage Solo Is Upgraded

Yes, you heard me all correct.

Google Has Upgraded The Mirage Solo Further With Two Prominent Features.

Now new APIs shall support the positional control tracking with six degrees of freedom. This would let the users move their hands around with an ease within a 3D VR space.

As the Mirage Solo is not the part of 6DoF hardware, thus Google is utilizing the ML and lower-end parts to “accurately estimate” the controllers’ position within the VR headset.

With this strategy, the very cost of 6DoF hardware would grow lower making it an accessible software for all.

Another striking feature which has made an entry into the Mirage Solo is all about the support for See-through Mode.

This mode helps the users to wear the headset and see the real world in 3D through twin external cameras. This very feature could be made possible due to the Google’s WorldSense technology to provide low-latency tracking, which makes the cameras’ positions at “approximately eye-distance apart,” and offers the real-time view of the users.

However there has been no official announcement date for the shipping date, but whenever this will be I am assured this would create a stir in the market, letting a major breakthrough to happen in the app market world.

So don’t fall from accessing the latest daydream feature to be experienced by your targeted audience, get the VR enabled the mobile app for your business through the hands of leading top mobile app Development Company in USA and let the technology and creativity to roll-in your business landscape.

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