1 Jun 2018
Updated on June 21st, 2022

What Elements To Be Included In Your App Video


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The moment you think of a mobile app for your business needs, you think of various other factors as well, which really affect your mobile app, which is a dream concept for your business and to make it sound more worth and get appreciated by the end users, you don’t want to leave any stone unturned.

But in this run many strategies are being picked, and many are abandoned to gain a successful platform for your mobile app, but sadly not every picked strategy is proven to be successful for your mobile app and somehow the wrong choices leave a void on your app platform, which can never be filled further and as a consequence you lose your app to the rejection battle.

Ufff how sad and cruel it sounds, but you cannot help it since it is the fact your mobile app has to deal with if it fails to follow the instructions…

Have I scared you enough??? 

My apologies, but to keep you aware of the side-effects is my prime motto since I don’t want your mobile app to become a victim of the wrong choices.

Now the very second thought coming to your mind would be that what to include and what not to get a winning app.

So, my dear readers, I am here today with this post to help you analyzing one of the most trusted and the proven methodology to gain users’ attention and it is video marketing, just explore further…

With the video marketing indeed there are many factors which have to be taken into consideration and some of the most important and the significant ones I am going to discuss today…

Hire An Experienced Video Producer

This is although one of the most basic requirement, but the reason  mentioned here is little different, when you decide to proceed further with a video for your mobile app, then you need to take the help of your mobile app development company as well, to guide you further, since your mobile app developers know the anatomy of your mobile app and with a team of experienced marketers, they can help you create a unique video for your mobile app. 

Your App Promotion Video Must Have A Storyboarding

Since this video is made for the promotion only, so you need to make sure that it compliments its basic genre very clearly. The format, the length, the way to edit must be taken into consideration. With the storyboard feature, you create an outline for your video with the right set of dialogues and transitions. Also keep a check o the dialogue, voice-over, and on-screen text to be featured in your video.

Everything should be succinct, but with powerful words, try to use more adjectives, which users can relate to and must reflect your services in more expressive ways. 

Keep It Short And Simple

Ith a video you want to bring out best of your app’s features to be flaunted, but you need to make sure that the mentioned features should also make a pace with the time restriction as well, so pick the relevant features and the functionalities screen form the app, which can help your app to flaunt its basic features with an ease. 

Don’t Forget The CTA

Your app video must have a valid and the beautiful expression of showcasing the CTA- Call to action, through which users and the viewers can see the very next step. Your app video must clearly indicate that what is the goal you want to achieve with the app video. Here you need to pick a strategy that keeps the CTA action very simple and minimal and there must be right time also picked to show the CTA within the app. 

Don’t Leave Any Platform

Your mobile app video will be having the advantage of gaining the views much faster than any other marketing strategy, thus you must not stop at the promotion drive of your app video, rather you must make a strong shout for your app video, at every possible platform you can think of and keep promoting it with the relevant #hashtags to help the viewers to find it further.

Along with these tips when you make your app video, then your app would defiantly receive a huge round of recognition amongst the targeted audience.

On the other hand make sure your app video quality is making a pace with the app’s features and the functionalities, which is only possible when you decide to proceed your app development process with a leading mobile app development company, which has the required expertise and the exposure to handling your app requirements.

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