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4 Aug 2017

How To Get Sizzling 1 Million Reviews On Your Ios App

                               APPLE’S APP STORE HAS AROUND 2.2 MILLION AVAILABLE APPS

It is pointless to underestimate the efforts involved in the mobile app development process since they are in abundance and have the potential to spin the IOS App market if there is the accurate dosage of app functionalities integrated into the mobile app development process. Who doesn’t want to gain the maximum reviews on a mobile app, which helps the mobile app and the businesses to boom at the same time.

I have got to see many app developers who have a fantastic mobile app concept and a well-trained team to deliver the results, yet mobile app fails to get commendable reviews. This generally occurs when some mandatory points are avoided during and after the app-launch. I personally consider some essential Don’ts to be considered as a part of the app development process to set the success milestone for your mobile app, so read it ahead to know the secret ingredients to attain 1 million reviews for your mobile app.

                           Remember, the sooner you set off the possibility button for the demons of app rejection, the better it would be…

Making Random App Video

Hmm, this is the interesting part, which completes your mobile app. An app video or most commonly called as app preview video. This is the feature which can break and make your app success chances to a large, so don’t create any random app video, rather pick some references of mobile apps from the App Store and your app preview video which beautifully translates your app features. Invest time here, don’t rush, since the final output needs to speak to the creative side of your iOS app.

Ditching Screenshots And App Description

When it comes to market your app to lure more downloads and reviews, then screenshots and app description, do not match the wavelength of any other marketing gimmick. The app screenshots cannot be ANY from the mobile app, but needs to be carefully picked, which speak the functionality of your app, app design and some unique feature, my tip here goes, that DO NOT pick the easy screens from your mobile app, but the complex one only. On the other hand, the App Description is the synopsis of your mobile app, make it succinct, crisp and unique, so your app users can understand what your app delivers through the app description. Add keywords within the app description to gain adequate visibility on your user’s search results.

Picking The Wrong Time For App Release

This point proves further, that why marketing needs detailed research and analysis when a mobile app is developed, it is developed with a thorough research on the targeted audience, market demands, challenges related to marketing and demographic, which all in return gives a stable platform for app marketing. In this run, you need to understand when you are planning to release your mobile app because the time you pick to release your mobile affects mobile app visibility. For instance, research and analyze the targeted market’s holiday calendar, and if your iOS mobile app is not matching the taste of holiday spirit, then no need to release your app in the holiday season, since the app market swells up with the competition during the holiday season and you would get fewer visibility chances.

Giving Incomplete Information To The Users

The Apple store is a little more particular with their guidelines being compared to any other OS. So if your app has some specific requirements like working only with the internet, and has no offline connectivity feature, then you need to inform your users about this limitation, through any pop-up message or any other notification message which would clarify your users that ‘You are offline’, this would create a loyalty factor for your mobile app users, and they would not get confused by thinking that mobile app is not functioning properly.

With the increasing number of mobile apps on Apple Store, it is not a Cake-Walk for your iOS mobile app to attain a HUGE number of REVIEWS easily…

No, I am not aiming to scare you, but your iOS mobile app is a dream concept for its business domain and it needs to be well-developed and given attention closely while picking up the marketing strategy to work along with it, which only makes it possible for your iOS mobile app to gain visibility in the App Store and get satisfactory REVIEWS in number ,failing to which your mobile app would be lost in the heap of dust. I know there are more DONT’S to be considered to get an impressive app download rate and reviews, but I really hope the above-mentioned would also help you to get your efforts acknowledged by the AppStores.

To wrap up, I would suggest, that always remember that conduct a full-fledged market research to know why users will need you app and how and where and when they will use it, will increase your chances of developing a mobile app development which would give right fruit, because the harsh fact says, if your users don’t connect with your app; it turns out to be a failure.

So keep investing your passion and creativity in the mobile app development process and let the magic happen…

So till next time…Happy Reading to all the lovely people out there…Keep enjoying and keep developing successful mobile apps.

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