6 Apr 2016

Go Touchless With Leap Motion

Being a technical guy, I always need a piece of technology to pump my adrenaline blood to its extent. I always look for better rather than settling for something which doesn’t appease me. While using my multi-touch desktop at work, I get tired of touching the screen with my fingers and being a developer, at times my fingers sore, since my interaction goes more with the desktop. Though I never complained, but our CEO Abhinav Singh, who is a great observer must have noticed my sufferings, so, on one of the casual office meeting my boss announced a great relief to all of us and especially to me, by instructing IT head to replace the current muti-touch screen with Leap Motion technology.

Now, finally we all can be awakened with a notable discovery of Windows at our work station, this is a virtual ‘touch’ screen in the air. With this technology you don’t need to touch either screen or any other function on your PC, you simply need to lift your hand or finger to navigate your computer. You can browse the web, open applications and documents, and control menu items without touching anything. Within this, Windows has included basic and advanced levels, so you can choose your level of 3D interaction.

What makes me glad is the phenomenal motion sensor, which allows you to scroll the web page, zoom in the map and your favorite photos, you can sign any document and even give a shot while playing a shooter game. Earlier I found it tedious enough to control motions through my fingers and it left me exhausted but this new feature has broken down the barrier and taken the technology to the next level.

If you ever wonder what the Leap Motion is, then let me brief the details out to you. It’s basically a controller with a motion-sensor for your computer, be it a Windows PC or MAC. The Controller has a strong sense to track your hands; all 10 fingers, plus joints within 3D space: up to 1/100th of millimeter accuracy. So, no chance is left to go wrong with this sensor.

You put it down in front of your computer, keyboard or your laptop, and the space above it transforms into the sensing zone for your hands to control your computer screen. It works well within the limit of 2 feet above the controller, 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep.

This feature has already tickled the fancy of ultimate success at Techugo, you can also schedule it for your office. Since, our team at Techugo, has become more productive with the all smiling faces scattered around the bays and ergo, leading to a conventional incoming mobile calls from our clients, worth to mention, providing only positive feedback related to our work.





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1.4.20 is released!
✅ Supporting new JVM features, like string concatenation via invokedynamic.
✅ Improved performance and exception handling for KMM projects.
✅ Extensions for JDK Path: Path("dir") / "file.txt".

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