13 Apr 2017



Shopping is preferred by everyone, at times as a therapy, need or the enjoyment. Whenever, I personally hear the word Shopping, a sensation sparks within me and make me go online and look out for the best options available. The social media channel like Pinterest has a different way of portraying the images for shopping, which is quite enticing and catch attention. Now Google has also made an entry in this genre and has started its handy tools; where after tapping on an image would give the full-fledged information of products featured within the photo.

How It Works

For an instance, if you are looking at an image of a handbag and sunglasses, just by moving your cursor on it, you can avail the links to buy the handbag and glasses. This feature is yet to expand further, and as of now, it is only accessible in mobile searches within the Android search app. Google has a plan to improve the categories and platforms further this year since the categories of products are now limited only to handbags, sunglasses, and shoes. This feature completely based on the machine vision and analyzes the products and chooses the similar product.

Although, as per Google, the “price and availability information” have been a top request from the image search users, and Google has made the image search option more convenient and exciting for the shopping aficionados, since this option does not only reveal the particular product, but it also gives the related information to the users to buy more attentively. It is expected that this feature would certainly open the doors of revenue to the Google and give a cut-throat competition to the existing sales revenue of many companies.

The advancement in the app technology has already made the users go down weak on their knees, and the advantages received from the app technology are in abundance and is fruitful in our daily lives. To know how app technology helps us in our day-to-day life, you can take a look at HOW MOBILE APPS SIMPLIFY OUR DAILY LIFE

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