Google Glass

31 Jan 2019

Smart Glass Is Taking The Mobile App Experience To Next Level

Google Glass is an innovative and wearable device, which was formed and designed by Google.

A wearable gadget like Google Glass has disrupted the innovations to a next level, where a new level of efficiency can be carved with its functionality.

The potential held by the smart glasses with head-mounted cameras and augmented reality can increase the efficiency of work. This very gadget can be worn as a Spectacle and holds great features like lightness, simplicity, and scalability.  It is further a step ahead in the technology and it recognizes the text and translates/copies and further identifies objects and searches for related matches.

With its very usage can allow users to get directions and information, floating in front of users’ vision within Google applications like Google Now, Google Maps, Google+, etc.

Indeed, Google Glass allows the users to upload images, video, and audio online and also helps a variety of apps like Facial Recognition, Photo Manipulation, Translation and Sharing Social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Features of Google Glass

  • Google search, allows the voice command for search, which further fetches the information and reflects the required information in front of users instantly.
  • It can capture still and motion pictures with just a voice command.
  • Users can be reminded further with an associated image.
  • Google Now integration, lets the users get the updated inputs about current location in real time.
  • Maps let the users find directions, locations, etc., via voice commands, enabled Google glass.
  • Users can get their content translated, by just speaking a word, sentence or a phrase from one language to another.
  • The movement of the glass can be controlled through the movement of the head, face, and eye with gesture control feature.
  • The feature of Voice Email and SMS lets users respond to an email or SMS through voice dictation.
  • With voice and video chats, users can utilize the video chats and voice-only calls and share their feeds.
  • Google glass functionality is not limited to Android but works really well with iOS as well.
  • The headgear also offers popular apps from big names of the likes of Evernote, Skitch, and Path among others
  • Its mechanism is much like Android Smartphone, letting any android app loading with APK file for that app. All required is the
    connection of Glass with the computer via a USB cable using Android Debug Bridge (ADB).

How Techugo Team Helps You?
Google glass

We, at Techugo, adore every new technology, which helps our clients to access the best possible services through the technology and provide the tremendous User Experience to your end-users.

We ensure to assist you with every incredible feature of the Google Glass, to get fully optimized, so you can enjoy the results which had not been experienced by any technology before.

You can hire mobile app developers from us to help you build a much scalable and profitable app solution for your business needs. We are the one-stop destination where the thoughts congregate with a process that centered on client’s business popularity and its growth.



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