20 Nov 2015

How Mobile Fits Into Your Online Marketing Strategy?

The introduction of mobile has stunned the world with its capabilities. And the outburst of most promising technologies has only added the cherry on top. The massive developments in mobile technology have provided a global platform for marketers to remain connected to the user base. The pace at which the transformation from traditional to digital is taking place is remarkable.

It was not long back when Mary Meeker, an analyst at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, predicted that by 2014, mobile will overtake the desktop for internet usage. To unveil the truth behind the prediction, comSquare – a leading internet technology company held research and its report suggested that we have already passed the mobile Tipping Point:

So now, it’s no longer the question of whether the inclusion of mobile in your online marketing strategy is important or not; rather the big question in the current scenario is how to make it happen. 

How Mobile Fits Into Your Online Marketing Strategy?

Mobile marketing is sizeable already and every marketer like you needs to closely monitor the opportunities available to reach your audiences. Consumers these days are increasingly dependent on their mobile devices for a lot more services like web searching, email, chat, maps, and direction, etc.

So, you can easily leverage this increasing usage trend not only to reach out to your customers but also to encourage their engagement. This could be done by precisely predicting their consumer behavior through key customer geo-location data that helps you gain deeper insights for better decision making.

Strategizing The Mobile Marketing

There are several ways in which you can reach your customers through mobile marketing, but the most crucial touchpoint is your website. Other important methods are listed below:

1. Have a Mobile-friendly/ Responsive/ Mobile Optimized Website

If you wish to implement mobile marketing, the most certain prerequisite is to have a responsive or mobile-friendly website. If not, you stand a critical risk of facing negative consumer reactions as people visiting your website through smartphones expect an exceptional, easy-to-navigate, responsive portal.

2. Plan an SMS/Whatsapp/Texting Campaigns

Research Study by many agencies has shown that SMS and other text message formats have been well received by Smartphone users. It’s a popular and widely used method for either driving traffic or engaging response. The other most important benefit of this method is that it is equally useful in targeting customers with smartphones as well as regular phones.

3. Create a Mobile Application/Mobile App

Despite the fact that the sales ratio of smartphones and tablets are exceeding the desktops, it remains relatively low in comparison to the total marketplace. However, the competition is heating day by day as businesses are developing unique apps for their customers to stand out in the competitors’ crowd. Don’t miss the opportunity and get your mobile app development-ready before you start losing your customers to competitors.

4. Advertise on mobile apps/websites

Placing your ads on mobile apps/sites related to your industry can help you reach a distinct audience incrementally. It will not only help you create a direct link to your online sales channels but also enable greater assimilation and post-click engagement. It is specifically useful when used in harmony with a well-optimized, mobile-ready website.

5. Location-based Mobile Advertising/Geotargeting

The key concept behind Geotargeting or Location-Based Mobile Advertising is to know where your prospect is located so that you can make offers and calls to action accordingly. With the help of this advance advertising tactic, you can sharply display the information-specific content and make your prospective customer click on the link provided, resulting in a successful conversion.

6. Make the Most Of Push Notifications

It is necessary to maintain constant communication with the users, and for this push notification is the real deal. Having an app/ website for your business would bridge the gap between the process and the user. Push notification here acts as a connecting bridge and fuels constant communication with the client. 

Summing It Up!

This is how to make the use of mobile to flourish in implementing an online marketing strategy. Drop a comment and let us know about other ways that you think boost online marketing. Feel free to connect with our team, in case of any query. But until then stay tuned to this space for updates.

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