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10 Jul 2019

Instagram Has Introduced Two New Features To Mitigate Online Bullying

Online bullying is very common today, as some grisly bears enjoy making people feel unsafe. The fact is that cyber bullying is very scary, but Instagram has decided to make people away from the clutches of it.

Today, Instagram has unveiled two new features that will help people in escaping online bullying. The notion behind these two features is to limit the bad behavior without banning users and outright the post.

Actually, bullying needs to stop by these two ways in online world. And! people are quite familiar with these ways. Though these methods are not enough for stopping cyberbullying and therefore this aspect rsequire attention.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri wrote that they can do thousands of things to stop bullying on Instagram. Altogether, they can do numbers of things to empower the people becoming targets so that they can stand for themselves. He added “Today we’re announcing one new feature in both areas. These tools have created by gaining a deep understanding of how people bully each other and how they respond to bullying on Instagram, but they’re only two steps on a longer path.”

What are those features? Well! let me explain.

Feature 1: AI Flag On Offensive Content

The first feature has created with artificial intelligence mechanism, that flags the comment that have offensive tone. When something is flagged offensive, users need to confirm that either they want to post or not. The application will ask user “are you sure you want to post this?”. If user confirms the post will get live or there will be “undo” option to unpublish the comments before their posts.

This looks particularly very tame response. As if the user is willing to post the content and go ahead with the offensive one, then app cannot enforce a restriction. Though, as per Mosseri, this prompt is potential to encourage people to undo their comment and share something that cannot hurt sentiments of others. This prompt has found effective by the team working on the project.

Indeed, this is a great way to make users aware that their post can hurt someone or can cause counteractions. Though, how AI will figure out the offensiveness of the content is another aspect of interest.

Feature 2: Restriction On Sneak Peak

Another feature explained by Mosseri is the service to “restrict” users looking at other’s account. He added, when his team first heard from young people that blocking, unfollowing and reporting the bullying can escalate the situation, and the problem can be bigger. Especially if they interact with their bullies in day to day life.

Therefore, this feature can aid users to deal with those bullies smartly, as it can limit the user’s interaction. It means if somebody wants to access your account information then you can get a control on it without making it obvious.

This restriction is very simple and untraceable. As if you want to stop someone to make comment on your post then you can simply restrict the comment to go general. And! the post will be visible to them, but not your other followers until you make it general.

Altogether, they will not get to figure out that you are active on Instagram or not, even if you’ have checked their direct message.

Indeed, these features will offer great ease to users in facing bullying problems on Instagram. Altogether, they are giving both bullies and users the opportunity to look after their actions. As users can restrict the actions of bullies and a bully can get to know the offensiveness of the content.

These features will mitigate the cyberbullying on Instagram and will offer relief to people.

Surely, this endeavor of the company will offer great ease to people. Now it would be clear that cyberbullying is an essential aspect that needs to be addressed. To know more about latest development and updated in the field of mobile application development, Stay Tuned With Techugo. We are enumerating the latest development in the field of technology and application development. To know more, get in touch with us.





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