29 Jun 2017
Updated on July 19th, 2019



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As a mobile app developer, you always dream to craft a successful mobile app for your client, which would not just benefit the client, but would help you flourish further in the mobile app development field. A successful mobile app is not a gimmick which happens out of the fluke, but it is a detailed process, which needs some careful and smart thoughts, considering which a mobile app development company can gain its deserving recognition without a fail. But at the same time, there are certain aspects, which can collapse the mobile app fully, if you do not consider some points more vigorously. Let’s take a look at the below-mentioned points and understand what can spoil the future of your mobile app…

Complex UI

Imagine you go for a particular app, and at the first step only, it gives you tiring and complex user interface, would you proceed with the app? In the majority the answer would come as NO because no one wants to invest energy in something, which does not guarantee to yield the results and generally users abandon or quit such mobile apps, which offer a complex UI. Remember the very first version of your mobile app needs to easy- to- operate with a user-friendly interface. Your users are not blessed with technical expertise and cannot decode every technical aspect from your mobile app, and they don’t have enough time to carry a manual, so ensure your mobile app UI is simple and easy to use. Your mobile app must speak the volumes about the services it is catered for, and its each aspect, each screen, and each functionality must be dipped with simplicity, so your users can enjoy its usage rather than greeting distressed over it tirelessly.

A Variety of Mobile Platforms

I concur with you, competition has soured the market further, and unless you are different, you cannot make a space for yourself, but that doesn’t mean either that just to mark your presence, you would immediately start developing for several mobile platforms, all at once. First of all developing a mobile app on many mobile platforms would rise your app cost incredibly high, and on the other hand, the marketing strategies and other required elements would confuse your users further and would reduce your mobile app chances to attain success. At first just relax and research which is the required OSs for your mobile app and what is the targeted users and their preference.

Many Features In One App

Have you ever thought that why in hotels, you are served first with appetizers, followed by 1-2 more food sequence, before the main course hits the table? It is simply because the guest can taste and enjoy every step of servings fullest and would not get confused with what to eat and when- syndrome…this helps the guest to remember the food well and relish it for a long time…this same theory implies on your mobile app as well, wondering HOW? Then let me explain further… every mobile app is a solution for some business, so it can generate better revenue and brand recognition, in this effort generally app developers integrate various features in a mobile app thinking that all are required to beat the competition, but what they fail to understand is that an app speaks volume about your business and its services, so trying to add every single functionality and feature in the mobile app in the very first go, will deter your users further, rather than making them a fan of your mobile app. Make sure the very first version of your mobile app, consists of very limited features, which would translate the user’s requirements easily. This will help your users to get acclimatize with your app and its functionalities which are utmost important at the initial stage.

These all seem quite obvious to an app developer and a mobile app development company, but unfortunately, these minor points make a HUGE difference to your mobile app success if a top mobile app development company in India considers these points genuinely then app success is a sure shot way to reach your business doors. You need to play smart and not to get indulged in wrong app development strategies. Whether you are an iPhone app development company or an Android app development company, following the above-mentioned tips, would help you in gaining the success for your business.


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