20 Mar 2019
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

Marketing Glitches That Can Destroy Your Mobile App Development


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“It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end.”— Leonardo Da Vinci

Do you wonder, why my blog post today is starting with such a cryptic message?

Well, the reason behind this suggests that any mistake or blunder, which should be put to an end in the beginning than later.

The idea I got to speak with this blog, is due to the harsh fact, which simply suggests that there is a glut of wrong marketing initiatives, which could be avoided, much before the mistakes overtake the possible outcome of the product, and to make it much precise with my approach, I would like to go ahead with the mobile app technology.

Yes, a mobile app which sounds a simple solution letting the users access the larger number of services through its portal actually holds a treasure within its fabric, which gets complete with coding, design, development, and marketing, and reaches to you.

In this journey, one step which always remains static that is the marketing, which initiates its journey from the pre-app launch and goes post app launch even.

When an app solution is talked about, then there are multiple ways through which an app is grown out to be popular and make the mobile app product to earn its deserving recognition in the market. These ways can surely earn a profitable amount for your mobile app solutions, but the wrong approach picked for the marketing can kill your mobile app project completely.

Oops did I mention that certain strategies can KILL your app before it breathes in the fresh and chaotic app market?

Yes, to make your worst fears come true, this can be possible and this can happen just under your nose if you fail to follow certain rules.


The said rules I am going to share ahead within this post, just read further…

Focusing On Everything

We all look for the ways to increase our customer base in the very first month of the app launch, and this is not at all wrong, since the efforts invested on the mobile app development and design, must encourage the monetary benefits for you as well.

But in order to achieve this, you should not sound so desperate or behave insanely. Start with one factor and focus on the results from it only. Don’t divert your focus on three or five categories, countries, cities or products, but assess the MVP for your app, and in accordance with plan your strategy.

Therefore keep your focus on one thing at a time, and once it starts getting the recognition, gradually move towards another.

Chucking Away The Important Channels

We all come from different expectations and background when it comes to market an app product, and a mobile app is something which can absorb the different types of strategies and ideas, however, it is very important to pick the most relevant and right options for an app solution.

There are different social and posting channels available on the internet, but you need to have the analysis wisdom to pick the RIGHT channels for your app. Here I suggest something, that doesn’t be selective, as per your interest and the preference, but looks out for what can suit your users and the audience type.

For instance, you find LinkedIn not an attractive portal for your personal use, still don’t reject it on the basis of your preference, rather check, if your audience use LinkedIn, then there is absolutely a perfect reason to opt for it.

Following Grandma’s Rulebook

Yes, this is another step which must be worked and the solution has to be considered, much before the marketing campaign initiates for your mobile app and must be addressed in the very first stage before it turns out to be a monster for the said plan.

Stay alert and check what others are doing and what they aren’t doing and above all what you can pick from it.

Sounds rhetorical, isn’t it?

Jokes apart, this is what you need to be stay alerted and should figure out what can bring the result and what may not,

Remain Rigid

App marketing is the most flexible and absorbent factor than any other step of the mobile app development journey. It can never work with a rigid approach and must be defined with the current demand of the hour.

Even if you have invested sleepless nights to create one campaign, but the next morning you find, something much better, then it needs to be a part of your plan instantly without a fail.

Every marketer follows this rule, where they don’t follow the same pattern, in terms of:

  • Time
  • Content
  • Links
  • Portals

And every other thing which completes the flow of marketing.

Do you know why this approach is followed?

It is followed for the Google consumption rule, where Google after crawling, reflect our published content to the targeted audience, so this shuffle in time, expand the user base as it gets served to different users within the different time frame, as per their requirements.

In other words, you serve to your audience, a platter full of their favourite cuisines, as per their specific time and channel, so they pick accordingly and fall in love with your content.

However, towards the last, I must mention that taking the benefits of Marketing can help a mobile app to grow its user base, but if it is not picked in the right direction, then even if you post the 1000 different content on 1000+ portals, believe me, it will bring NO result.

I know I broke your heart with my fact, but it is what, you need to deal with.

Since this very strategy lacks the plan, and AS YOU FAIL TO PLAN, YOU PLAN TO FAIL!

Therefore, reach a team of marketing experts, who have the right knowledge and the expertise to handle your needs, so your campaign can take the right measures and pick the right path to complete the marketing and revenue goal for your business through a mobile app.

You can always reach and get the free consultation for your branding strategy from the experts of Techugo team since they do not just help you to scale your business, but also help you to crave a platform, where your business turns out to be a BLOCKBUSTER with the online presence.

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