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18 Oct 2016


Technology has brought the world population to an axis point, where everything is accessible regardless of time zone and language barrier.

And undoubtedly, the mobile app development domain has contributed a lot in this segment. Since mobile app development is reaching new height as more people are using Smartphones, tablets, and laptops. 

The mobile app development industry has witnessed remarkable changes in recent years and more innovation invasion is guaranteed in the future. 

The new set of technologies would originate new interface for the businesses, and help them connect with their users in a much better way.

How mobile apps are evolving?

Mobile apps have already given an emerging platform to businesses, and has opened a flood gate of opportunity for them.

The mobile app development has already gone through evolution and is in the constant procedure. The constant demand from the consumers has led the more innovative techniques to be incorporated within the app development process. This helps the users to access the required information at their convenience.

Trending technologies in app development

In today’s scenario where people want to make a pace with the existing competition, mobile apps are very much needed. To meet the ongoing demand of apps, the technocrats are deploying new technologies to inculcate agility and flexibility.

This cycle of change has affected at three development stages: Business Analysis, App Development, and Project Management. 

The upcoming tech trends would help to redefine the entire process of technology, and the mobile apps would gain the effects and ultimately would turn better than before.

App benefits for the businesses

Every business understands the relevance of mobile apps, as they help them connect with the rest of the globe. And further promote their services to the wider audience base. However, you should not restrict the vision of app development  to large organizations only.

As per the recent report, on Apple store there are over 2.2 M apps, and on the PlayStore the count goes above 2.8 M apps!

This clearly states that there’s a huge demand for apps and as per the prediction made by the tech-pundits, suggest, demand for apps will outstrip supply by a factor of five.

Tech Predictions

Having discussed the above-mentioned stats, it gets more crucial for business owners to identify the demand and develop those mobile apps.

Mobile app developers are expected to be upgraded with the latest trends in the development field, to make the job easier. Here, we’ve compiled some worthy predictions related to mobile app development. This will help in capturing your consumer demand well in advance. Here are some predictions regarding mobile app development:

  • IoT app technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • React Native
  • Flutter Framework
  • Blockchain technology

Future of mobile app

The world of mobile is not just limited to one innovation option but is likely to expand its wings with the current innovations. 

Either its Android Wear, Apple Watch, Google Glass, or any other IoT devices, the technology has reached a level where it would work further to make our lives filled with comfort. 

On the other hand, developing mobile apps involves new methodologies and approaches and making a pace with the consumer’s demands and the ever-growing tech concepts. 

The most visible challenge faced by a mobile app developer is to incorporate the latest tech trend. You must meet the consumer demand and build the mobile app with the easiest user interface. You should remove the complexity of the technology being dumped in the backyard.

Don’t forget to reach out to the team of experts at Techugo to discuss further your mobile app concept, and further bring it into reality. 

Our team of mobile app developers is committed to providing mobile app solutions to our clients with higher adoption of tech tools and maximum user engagement. 

The discussion would help you to gain a better insight into your app requirement with an assurance of providing you the best user interface using the latest technology innovations.

We’re waiting for your call, reach us today!

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