2 Jul 2018

Now Experience Video Chat And Ar Filters With Instagram


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“Instagram, the name is enough to create that spark within you.”

These are not my words, but I got the chance to overhear the communication between two college students, who were enjoying their succinct metro journey. After listening to them, somehow I too as a professional worker, could relate to this saying.

Instagram indeed has wider popularity landscape, which has grown further with time, and the Hashtag tradition has become the new lingo, where people like, share and even pass sarcastic comments with the usage of Hashtags J

The popularity and the charm of the Instagram, unexpectedly grown in the past time, to an extent that it has widened its reach to not just to individuals but has become a source of marketing and promotion for the different businesses as well.

Although the growing popularity for the Instagram had been a reason for many other social media platforms to feel bewildered that why on the planet earth Instagram is garnering the maximum attention…???

Till some point, it bugged the popular social media platforms, but I think they made a peace treaty with this arrangement J

Do apologize if I am turning sarcastically vocal, that was not my idea of writing, but the topic somehow forced me to touch the serious side of the Instagram business model with a slight humor…

Hope it would not be offending to rest social media platforms…J

But on the serious note this could happen because Instagram has never been stagnant with its features and functionality perspective, rather it has always brought newly added advantages for the users to stay engaged with the platform.

To continue further this legacy, Instagram has come up with the new features- VR Enable Filters.

With this post explore it further…

New Instagram Features

During the F8 developers’ conference, Facebook has made it very clear to bring the new suite of Instagram features, and to start with this, now Instagram would enable the new video chatting feature, its custom AR filters designed by third parties like celebrities and influencers, and the new Explore tab redesign.

  • Video Chatting Feature

With this feature user can the video chatting from the Instagram Direct tab, it will allow further to be accessed by either one or a group of up to four people.

The video chatting feature would only work with people user already has the active direct thread since it requires both the parties to respond.

If someone blocks or mute the other user, then the video chat feature would also be disabled.

  • Explore Tab Redesign

With this now the search tab would be transitioned into a topic-focused area, wherein the user can scroll through categories like “animals” or “architecture,” as well as trending hashtags.

  • AR Filters

I personally fell in love with these AR-enabled filters, much before these filters have made an entry officially.

With this feature users can users can use the custom AR filters for the Insta Stories.

For this feature, Instagram has shaken hands with the third parties to create these filters, and it shall be starting the AR filter launch with Ariana Grande, the NBA, and BuzzFeed, to name a few.

Also, with these filters, users can augment a photo or selfie with virtual effects and objects.

Another interesting part is, that if the user spots an AR filter being used on an image or video in someone else’s Story, now Instagram gives you an option to add it on the own personal effects toolkit.

I am desperately waiting and looking forward to using these new Instagram features and I really hope that with time, there will be a number of engaging features to make an entry on Instagram.

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