22 Aug 2019

The Perfect Recipe For Media and Entertainment Mobile App Development


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Entertainment Mobile App Development

Media and entertainment mobile app development going to renovate the entire business?”

If you are the kind of person that sees technology from a distance and keep procrastinating about how you want to relish its benefits, then you need to take another glance. Of course, technology is going to seem like a tough nut to crack, only if you are focused on moving in the opposite direction. Isn’t it?

But, today I am not going to go on with how inculcating technology and immaculate mobile app development are going to completely transform and elevate your revenue funnel. Rather, I am going to tell you about such an industry that is not shying away and is welcoming the new advancements with open arms.

By now, you must have guessed it. Yes, it is the media and entertainment industry. From Amazon Prime to Netflix and Britbox, the examples are never-ending. Now you get it? Mobile apps are clearly dominating the business world. And that is the reason why this industry is leaving absolutely no stone unturned to maximize the advantages it can fetch from effective mobile app development.

What Is The Buzz All About?

Well, clearly the world is going ga-ga over media and entertainment mobile app development. Can you guess the reason? Actually, such apps have everything from news updates to live streaming of the cricket world cup. So they have the world-class ingredients to create an exquisite dish of a chilled afternoon. The type of afternoon that both you and I can use after the completion of a hectic week.

People, especially millennials are naturally attracted towards two major aspects

  • Content
  • Convenience

First, let us talk about convenience. There is no doubt in the fact that applications have provided unmatchable support to the working-class. How?

This is because, people now don’t need to wait until they reach their home, in order to catch their favorite series. Be it Sacred Games 2, Stranger Things 3 or Man vs Wild, they can watch anything they want, irrespective of their location.

Now let us talk about content. It is true that mobile apps paved the way for a gargantuan amount of options, which the good old television was never able to provide.

Having said that, let us set the ball rolling and find out more about it.

Why do you need one for yourself?

If you will observe closely, you will find out that technology is more than just providing convenience. What I mean to say is that, if you catch the right nerve and make progress in that direction then you can actually figure out a way to not only gain popularity but also fetch a whooping revenue from the same.

But since it is your lucky day (because I am saying so), I am going to drop you a hint. Well, the golden tip is to focus your dedication towards media and entertainment mobile app development. Wait, wait, wait, I am not done yet!

In addition to this, you also need to connect with an expert mobile application development company, if you don’t want to miss out on any kind of add-on benefit.

Now, let us turn things a little more technical, and study its importance.

What Is The Importance of Media And Entertainment Industry?

  1. Say No To Piracy

Each and every single one of us is aware of the fact that the media and entertainment industry undergoes a colossal amount of losses. Do you know the reason? It is because of the pirates. On one hand, where the accessibility of pirated content was expanding, mobile apps, in this need of the hour, are focused on removing these malicious content.

How do they do it?

I have already mentioned that they have arrived at the right time. They are working in a direction to not just reduce, but also eliminate this problem. Because they offer the same content in HD quality, and that too at a cheaper rate. It makes no sense that people are going to choose pirated content over apps’ HD quality. This is a direct move to diminish the effect of piracy.

Long gone are the days when people were naturally inclined towards the pirated content. But with such a reasonable price, there is no point in experiencing low-quality videos.

Now, the entertainment apps have made it easy for users to download their favourite songs or watch their favourite shows at a basic monthly cost. And I can’t even stop bragging about the quality of videos, it is fantastic!

  1. Ameliorated User Engagement

Seeing the number of people switching to apps, it is clear that they have the highest user engagement. Another thing is that mobile apps have is a faster conversion rate than the mobile-optimized rate.

These apps are great in keeping the user busy. Especially during the odd hours, people consume more than 50% of data usage during their free time. The latest content is going to frost and enhance in number.

The greater the number of content, the greater is the user engagement.

  1. Elevated Brand Visibility

Indeed, you want to be at the top position, if you are stepping in any business. In the current scenario, each and every single one of us wants their app to be at the top position. Since mobile apps provide a great benefit and presence, it is now becoming inevitable.

This complete situation results in the huge brand visibility of the company. There are a few ways to increase brand visibility. Have a look…

  • Provide high-quality contents
  • Ensure incredible mobile app services
  • Make it unique
  • Enhance engagement

Following these steps are going to result in shooting viewership and brand popularity. And in addition to that, it is also easy to get some more loyal customers as well.

  1. Discover The Capabilities Of Social Media

Currently, social media is the most powerful weapon, when it comes to accelerating the popularity of any app. Whether you want to reach a wider audience or create a stir, social media platform is your best bet.

Content can easily be promoted on several social media platforms. So if your content is unique, flawless, creative and engaging, go ahead and rule the world. This is because users dig the content that they can easily understand and share.

  1. Future Technology

Illuminating! Yes, illuminating is the word that immediately pops into my mind when I think about the future of apps in this industry. And I get excited after thinking about the ways it can be combined with future technologies. From Blockchain Technology and Virtual Reality to IoT and Augmented Reality, the sky is the limit as far as the developments are concerned.

If you focus on creating an app ahead of its time, then you are primed to relish the pool of the opportunities that these technologies are going to bring.

  1. Increased Revenue 

If you think that starting a new business after getting inspired by the in-demand sectors, is going to increase your revenue, then you are absolutely correct. According to the reports related to the media and entertainment industry, YouTube consumes most of the benefits. If researchers are to be believed then, within a few couples of years this industry is set to take a huge leap as far as the revenue is concerned.

It is clear that the media and entertainment industry has an extremely bright future. So now the question is are you ready to create one for yourself?


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