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11 Feb 2019

What Triggers The Popularity Of Your Best-Selling Reading Mobile App?

Every business requires another business channel to expand their services and promote to a larger user base. This is not just the case with a fresh business, but it is a very much scenario with every existing mobile app business, where a point comes, and you need to stop and consider the new means.

The publishing domain is vast and much appreciated with a larger audience base, this very popularity is extended to different age groups. However the very essence of app technology has influenced the series of verticals of different businesses and industries, and publishing domain too is not an exception to this technology.

The concept of creating an e-reading app, is the most suitable idea, as it involves the reader to get engrossed with the books and as a result, you can make money too.

Apart from money, there is a whole glut of advantages, which can be accessed with an app. Here in this post, we are going to talk about the benefits and the process of getting a successful reading app to boost your online sales.

Benefits of a reading app

  • It adds value for your customers
  • Readers get one more way to interact with your business and buy directly from the app.
  • Creates engaging brand awareness
  • Enhances brand loyalty
  • An additional channel of revenue generation model


Essential Features Required For A Reading App

Any app can never grow without the integration of right features within its fabric. Therefore, you need to include a number of features, which can encourage its functionality to another level. Please take a look at the number of features to be included within your app.

Add Personalization

A personalized communication feature lets your app to get more attention from the users.

Do you wonder why???

Eventually, a mobile app is the core medium of accessing convenience and the dash of a personal approach, only spikes the user-experience.

Addressing your users with their names, and offering them the discount or special offer as per their specific requirements would really make them feel connected to your app portal and would help them to feel special and relatable with your app.

Offline Feature

The world around us revolves on the internet, but there are times when we want to access the books without being disturbed by other notifications from different apps, which hamper the flow of reading.

Thus, your app must offer the offline feature to help users to save data, especially when the ebook file is big and takes time to load.


There is a specific section of users, who are willing to listen to audiobooks instead of reading, which allows the users to listen hands-free and complete rest of their work. The audio content is eventually getting popular amongst the users, considering the amount of busy schedule is practiced by the people in the current scenario.

On-Demand Translation

To have a great audience base, you need to include multi-lingual literature to be a part o your reading app.

Once users access the literature in different languages, they get a strong reason to stay loyal to your app.

However, to make this feature work for your app, you need to include the on-demand translation, this allows your users to tap on a word, they need to know the translation of and enjoy reading the app further.

Uploading And Sharing Books

Allowing users to upload their own ebook files to the app, would attract the local libraries and self-published authors to provide more books.

Night Mode Feature

Now many smartphones are offering the night mode feature, but not every, henceforth, you can let your reading app to have a basic feature of night mode.

This lets your app to give a break to your users, from the strong light by changing the UI to darker colors when in night mode.  You can include this feature, as a health-monitoring feature in your app portal.

Social Sharing

The social media is the most popular platform, where every user gets connected and share/view the required content to reach a larger user base.

This social media connections can easily be made within your app as well, where users can share the links and the rating or reviews of a book on the social channels and help the users to further add reviews, suggest books to read, and track each other’s progress.

Push Messages

The worth of push messages, is much beyond expressions, it lets your audience to know about every related information about the new arrival, discount, special offer or any special recommendation. This makes your app get the attention of the users, and bring more revenue to your publishing business.


Audiobooks are popular and text-to-speech functionality is similar to it. This feature allows the users to listen to books, as per their convenience, the couple of voices can make the listening more interesting and engaging for the audience.

How To Monetize Your App?

Of course, monetization is always the prime objective, behind the app creation, and discussing it ahead with your team of app builder would not be a wrong choice.

Albeit, in the market, currently the larger number of reading apps utilize the Freemium model, wherein the users can download the app for free and let users to purchase books from a built-in store.

So in this race, you can practice some more monetization models, like:


Subscription is the best plan to sell your books to the users, by offering them a monthly or yearly subscription. There can be a variety of subscriptions, which can provide extra features like access to special book editions, journals, and audio content with premium subscriptions. This model is picked by Kindle and Scribd.

Partners And Sponsors

Getting partnered with partners, who have similar user base. Within an app the partner ads can be integrated from both the sides. This allows the third-party app into your own app and creating revenue model.

Additional Services For Authors

A reading app can be a portal where authors can make their books a better version via editing, cover design, and marketing services. This result in giving the readers top-quality content, and also the quality of the ebooks get enhanced further.

Indeed, a reading app involves many stages in order to be a successful product, which drives more sales and revenue for your publishing business.

Even if there are many fishes already sailing in the ocean, but yet you can grow bigger and massive in the market to trigger the revenue funnel, with the help of a leading top mobile app development company in india.

An efficient builder has the potential to let your app garner users’ attention and pick the best revenue strategy, therefore reach a team of efficient developers and make your publishing business grow stronger.



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