13 May 2020

Save Money, Time, And Effort While Paying Rent With Ajar

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Oops it is my rent payment date, is there a way to pay my rent online?

The vicious threat of pandemic has forced all of us to do things a bit differently. Now working from home, ordering food/water, getting on video calls with loved ones, spending time in streaming series, and paying rent with online payment app is the new NORMAL.

No doubt, Coronavirus has brought innovation with a twist on our tables, where accessing services through digital mode is no more a DIFFERENT aspect.Let’s find out the options digital payment apps have brought for the tenants and landlords amid pandemic.

COVID-19 has encouraged digital revolution

The destruction caused by a pandemic is unimaginable, it has affected mankind, economy, community, and whatnot. But humanity cannot be defeated by this virus, and to help the global economy, mobile app technology is making a difference.

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the digital shift for every business and helping them to survive with flying colors. Here, money transactions have also got a lift from digitalization. And apps, have made it possible for everyone around us to process payments seamlessly.

The basic financial services are now digital, and paving a way for every company to transform into a FinTech venture. In this run, a Kuwaiti based PropTech startup is creating a stir in the UAE and Kuwait market, with Paying rent online with Ajar.

Are you curious to know more about it, and want to know how is it creating a difference in the real estate industry?

Then we recommend you to scroll down this post further, and unleash the magic yourself…

A word about Ajar

Calling Ajar one of the best online rent payments app in Kuwait, will not be wrong. To start with, you must know that Ajar word is derived from the Arabic word for rent, and it is a PropTech startup founded in 2016. It was functioning efficiently in Kuwait, before making heads turn in the UAE. However, during COVID-19, this very platform has gained ultimate success, as it is easing down the woes of paying monthly rents. This very app platform is founded by Shaheen Al Khudhari, who was born and raised in Kuwait. He always yearned to bring something extraordinary to people’s lives,and after multiple other ventures, Ajar came into the picture.

How does Ajar help tenant and landlords?

Most of the tenants have to commute every month to deposit the rent, in their landlord’s accounts, and that consumes a bigger chunk of their lives. In Kuwait, tenants face the brunt of paying in cash to the landlords, and the process of rent collection becomes a tedious journey.

This is where Ajar steps in and offers a simpler solution for paying rent and managing properties online. To be précised, since launch Ajar has expanded its wings, and facilitates rent payments to over 10 percent of Kuwait’s rental market.In the future, Al Khudhari has a plan to expand the app platform to Saudi Arabia and Egypt as well.

On being asked, that Ajar is launched in both UAE and Kuwait, Al Khudhari stated, “Both Kuwait and the UAE have a growing population of young, tech-savvy renters and a large real estate market that suffers from outdated practices and poor infrastructure. Locals in both countries are used to doing everything online – from ordering food to ordering a cab or cleaning service, so why not take their rent payments and home management online, too?” Al Khudhari said.

It is nothing new to be mentioned but the UAE market has got an appetite for innovation and with an app, this thirst gets quenched further.

How does Ajar work?

Ajar is an online rent solution with two portals; for landlord and tenant. It helps both parties to facilitate their day-to-day tasks and calculations.

“Our SaaS gives landlords the ability to automate their collection, monitor their ROI, gain insights about their properties, and take action based on data,” Al Khudhari said. With Ajar tenants get the freedom to pay rent online and get discounts and rewards.

How Ajar is turning into a lifeline for tenants amid COVID-19?

Surprisingly, Ajar has witnessed a 115 % spike in the number of new units added in March. With the help of Ajar, tenants are getting a safe, contactless payment alternative to cash, POS, and cheques. And the constant government guidelines to avoid physical payment has also got an alternative with Ajar.

“In Kuwait, our credit card payment option was a lifeline for tenants who still had to pay their full rent but were struggling financially. With banks announcing the postponement of all credit card installments for a minimum of 6 months, tenants who suffered cash shortages from lay-offs could at least continue to pay rent for their homes,” Al Khudhari stated.


Indeed, there would be more online payment apps in UAE, and payment shall see its future through technology only. Also, the future of the real-estate industry shall bloom with the integration of technology. At Techugo, we will ensure to keep app technology to be a part of your business and its offered services. Get in touch with us to find more ways to make your business technology strong with mobile apps.

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