22 Feb 2018

What It Takes To Create A Great App Landing Page


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Great App Landing Page

Who doesn’t want to set a buzz for the mobile app much before its release so it can garner a huge round of applause from the targeted audience?

I think everybody does, and it is no more a fad but a necessity indeed leaving no scope for trial and test, since the clutch of ever-growing demand and the users’ expectations are increasing at a rapid-fire speed, and finally creating havoc for the developers and the marketers to come out of the blues of competition with flying colors.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it sounds and has much more to do to make a mobile app goes visible and prominent in the app market, so the users can take a notice of the mobile app effortlessly.

It is worth to mention that in order to grab that effortless attention from the users one needs to make a mobile app features with many efforts so it can stand out in the crowd as a unique and different from its competing mobile apps in the app market.

Marketers take a help of different modes of marketing to create a stir in the app market much before the app launch and one of the most picked options is App Landing Page.

App Landing page is a space which creates traffic for your mobile app, by showcasing that what all your mobile app has to offer and what its main functionality is in a different manner, which excites the users. Sadly this easiest job turns out to be the toughest job under the sun when you have to translate each of the app’s functionality in a more presentable manner.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you out with some of the most utilized aspects which help your app landing page to turn into something GREAT and in this post, we have narrowed down those MUST-haves into the comprehendible aspect to help you understand…let’s read ahead…

App Name And Logo

When a mobile app is developed, it is not just a concept, but an essence of a business and its goals to be reflected in the form of a mobile app, so the users can grab a hint that how they would be helped through the help of this particular mobile app.

We all know that every app has a name and a logo which together become the identity of a specific brand on users Smartphone. Thus these two different aspects of the mobile app need to be highlighted in the app landing page as well.

It is highly recommended that keep the app name hinting at the prominence of your mobile app’s genre and its major functionality ought to be relatable from the app name and its logo and at any given cost it should confuse the users with name and the functionality of the mobile app.

For instance if your mobile app deals in the water purifier services than giving it a name which speaks of delight or fun sort, would never make the users feel related to and your mobile app would end up becoming a victim of cross-identity, hence never ever let your app name and logo to play with your app’s genre and make it a worthy aspect of your app landing page.

Soulless Headlines

The next thing which helps your users to stay hooked and scrawl further on the app landing page is the headlines.

A right and clear headline, which holds the crux of your entire mobile app in few words, actually makes it work for your mobile app’s success, thus it is highly significant that your app is making a clear indication through the headlines and is not giving a wrong message to the readers.

Bold, succinct and relatable words utilized in your mobile app, help your app landing page to craft a set of audience for itself, thus it is your duty to spend few good researching hours in creating the headlines and let it speak for your mobile app completely.

Landing Page Must Speak The Aim

It is no more a hidden fact that users come up with certain pre-defined expectations from your mobile app, which tend to increase with time, and one of the most prevalent expectations is exploring only the relevant set of information from the mobile app and it should not give any kind of misguided information.

Just visualize that if your mobile app is yet to be launched and on your app landing page it does not provide any information which suggests ‘coming soon’ then your users would get confused, and would end up looking for your mobile app on different stores, and in the event of not finding they would not trust your brand, also on the other hand if your mobile app is already launched and does not have the relevant links shared on the app landing page than users would find this too frustrating.

Both the examples clearly suggest that your app landing page must have a clear call to action, so the users can understand and perform the required set of action without getting confused.

Blog Page Is An Essential

When an app landing page gets a dose of additional feather in the form of a blog page, it works just as the cherry on the cake. A blog page is a division of content marketing and letting your app landing page to have a blog page, just enhance the app popularity to the next level.

With a blog page, your app gets every possible reason to get ranked first on the Google’s organic search and captivate the users and make them yearn to wait for your mobile app, much before its official launch even in the app market.

Keep The App Landing Page Exciting

App landing page must translate your app’s functionalities and features in one of the cleanest and beautiful way so the users can gain information and feel attached to your mobile app.

To make it an interesting piece, take the advantage from your app’s functionalities and your users’ thought process, integrate the app’s functionality not just in the screenshots but keep the crisp and succinct videos to help you.

Videos are one of the entertaining factors, which your users would enjoy watching and are quick to be consumed, so make them short not more than 15 sec long, with relevant screens reflecting in the video.

An effective or GREAT app landing page for your mobile app only triggers the app’s success, only when your mobile app has its functionalities and features to complement the app landing page, which clearly means that your mobile app must have those features and functionalities which can make it BIG in the app market.

But this is only possible when you choose to craft your mobile app from the hands of one of the leading mobile application development company, which has the required experience and the expertise to make your app concept turn out to be the biggest app venture. Thus pick a right mobile app development company to address your app needs and help your business revenue goals to turn into reality.

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