7 Oct 2021
Updated on April 5th, 2023

Tech nowadays – productive or counter-productive for sex education?

Tech nowadays – productive or counter-productive for sex education?

One thing always tops the list of taboos in every part of the world – sex education. But, of course, you might feel that it’s not the case anymore. People discuss and talk about “adult things” (so to say) or that there is more awareness now – but more doesn’t mean complete, right?

Yes, there is more awareness than before but it is still relatively less! You still don’t believe me? Well, read this – the internet gatekeepers are blocking content about reproductive awareness. Why? Because the algorithms mistake them for porn!

You read that right – now machines, too, are discriminating against sex! Whether it’s laughable or worrisome, you decide!

Hence, the present piece has more importance because of several reasons – the cardinality of:

– sex-ed,

– better and smarter algorithms,

– making people aware and conscious of their reproductive health, etc.

AND destigmatising the process of whispers when it boils down to the coitus conversations!

So, let’s break down the details and the stereotypes both – that’s the least I can do as a writer here; keep reading to know more! 

Understanding sex ed and its need

This education isn’t only about pleasure or procreation; it is also about a person’s sexual orientation. Therefore, it is an essential part of good quality education.
It is life skills-based, comprehensive and supports people in making conscious, healthy and respectful decisions about their sex lives and procreation. In addition, the focus is to disseminate essential info that helps people develop skills, ethical values and attitudes to do the former.

sex education1

For the same purpose International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education was released by the UN in 2009. Efforts have been going on ever since to make the global citizenry better informed about sex, different sexualities and reproductive health.

Sex-ed becomes all the more important because this domain lacks attention. The fact that it is mandatory and still hasn’t achieved success worldwide screams for attention. 

Since we all are in this world, we need to put conscious efforts into normalising and discussing sex. Conversations are important – they help in destigmatising and spread awareness too!

How is technology helping?

With the advent of technology and the latest innovations, many creators are working towards creating user-friendly content. It is being created to help users spread awareness about reproductive health and education. The following are the GOOD changes in present times, with the help of tech, of course.

sex education2

  • Sex-ed videos are available online. We have two factors to thank here – first, different platforms have rendered creators independent to create and publish content. Second, the changing times have brought down hesitation levels than earlier years.
  • Podcasts are available too. They not only share essential information related to this domain but also host experts to do the same.
    The conversational part makes it easy and comfortable for listeners to take in the information and stay attentive too!
  • There are videos too! Mark it – this type is NOT pornographic content. Instead, they are educational videos that aim at making viewers better aware about sex, reproductive health and hygiene.
  • Websites and mobile phone apps promote sexual health knowledge among adolescents. Such platforms also provide tracking functions directed towards reproductive and sexual activities.
  • Online sessions and campaigns exist that cater to the young audience and they prove immensely helpful. 

How is technology acting as a hindrance?

This one might be a bit bizarre, but simultaneously, technology is proving helpful and an obstacle to sex-ed. For example, AMAZE, a sex-ed platform, faced similar issues on YouTube.

Let’s learn how and why well-intended content gets rejected:

  • Famous platforms like iOS software, YouTube, Facebook, etc., find it hard to differentiate between sexual health content and pornography!
  • The major issue here is algorithmic confusion. Therefore, algorithms mistake educational content for porn; hence, the limited amount of sex-ed content available online gets further reduced.

    sex education3
  • According to critics and experts, lazy engineering is a problem here. Of course, such codes can be created that distinguish better and do not discard the informative content, but professionals don’t put effort into that.
    Their own stigmatised thinking about coitus does that. So, whenever it comes to this particular topic, we end up whispering! These whispers not only convey secrecy but embarrassment, shame and taboo-affected thinking as well!
  • Such blunders push the marginalised LGBTQ further away as the confusion remains. If there is no education about a certain domain, how will people learn? How will they develop attitudes and thinking to know what is wrong and right?
  • A straightforward solution is possible, but tech companies seem to be callous about it because of their own deeply embedded stereotypes!
  • Technology is human-made. Human entities develop the codes – their conservations are knowingly or unknowingly ruining things for people globally!

sex education4sex education5

To wrap things up – A MUST READ!

Innovative solutions necessitate expert guidance and support. And when it comes to a topic like sex-ed, which is still a sensitive one – creative ways are a dire need!

How is exploring such a field lucrative, you might think! For starters, it is still unexplored and needs people to contribute to building a better-aware population.

So, a domain that still hasn’t gotten exhausted and wants people to be creative and enterprising – is a gold mine for entrepreneurs!
And the users can benefit by freshly consuming informative and essential content!

What is required for creative minds is to give it a shot! And to say the least, it’s worth a try!

When the human race is evolving and our societies are becoming technologically advanced at a blinding speed, why should we still get hung up on myths and taboos right!

So, build a wonderful solution to break stereotypes and stigma attached to sexual education – it is as important as any other kind of education. Make an app that caters to the corresponding needs without getting rejected online or mistaken as porn!

How to do it? Connect with us at Techugo – a leading education app development company. We won’t simply take you onboard, but we will share our expertise and experience in creating a sex education solution!

We not only build dreams, we nurture them – test us yourself! Link in today!


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