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9 May 2017


Nature is designed with an extrovert approach to be experienced freely by an introvert like me…These lines murmured from my next seat in the Dubai flight, caught my attention, and I was bound to extend my hand for a formal introduction, from the other side, under the fedora cap, a curved line got stretched on the lips and encouraged me further to initiate the conversation. His name was Lea, a fearless travel industry from Austria, he amused me further by adding that it was his 13th trip in the row, and as per him, he has travelled semi Europe and now is willing to explore the Middle East, but unwilling to experience the glitter and the dazzle of the city, rather wants to experience which nobody has explored yet…I found it quite interesting since I share a special connection with Dubai, not due to my current job with Techugo – a top mobile app development company in Dubai, but a few years ago, in this city, my family lived and I have some special treasure of memories to be unbundled.

I and Lea bid goodbye to each other, and I wished him luck to explore the wonders of this magical city. But after sitting in the office today, I realized, that many blogs are written on Dubai travel, mentioning Burj Khaleefa, Camel Safari, Ski Dubai, Dubai Ice Rink and many other known wonders in Dubai, but very limited space is shared by the other destinations, which are equally wonderful, so today I shall pen down the wonders, which I usually suggest to my friends on their arrival in Dubai. Let’s start:

  • Old Dubai Souk


Popularly known as Burdubai souk, this place is the perfect destination for the gifts and souvenirs to be picked for your loved ones. I usually go here on my weekly off to collect the worthy keepsakes for my loved ones. The souk is covered, making it easy for the travelers to walk around easily. Although the real essence of Dubai souk comes out after the sun set, and makes it an ideal place to shop around.

  • Dubai Miracle Garden


The second on my list is the Dubai Miracle Garden, it has nothing to do with my love for flowers, but the major attraction for me in this park that it connects with my spiritual level and I feel serene, calm, peaceful and any other adjective which could fall in this happy +peaceful line, just include all of them here. I might sound a little cynical, but truly this place has that charisma, that when you visit this garden surrounded and filled with the beauty of 45 million approx flowers, you feel something is different here.

  • Global Village


Although this place has a time slot between Nov to April, and is a perfect outing destination for your family. The first time I visited this place, it reminded me of a miniature of every country existing in this village. It’s a place you must visit along with your family and friends, since it offers you to taste the actual culture of Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan, Italy and many others. Just to engage you further, this place offers you ride music concerts and other entertaining shows.

  • Dubai Architecture


Dubai is popular for its skyline structures, which are exclusive with a true combination of ultra-modern and classic designs. When you visit Dubai, you must explore the wonderful architecture and make your Dubai visit memorable with these groundbreaking architectural designs.

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Burj al Arab
  • Ibn Battuta Mall
  • Raffles Hotel Dubai
  • Cayan Tower
  • JW Marriott Marquis
  • Jumeirah Beach Hotel
  • Atlantis The Palm
  • DIFC Gate
  • Emirates Towers
  • Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood


  • Dubai Fountain


Calling it the most compelling tourist attraction after Burj Khalifa, would not be wrong. It is a center of attraction for millions of visitors daily. It offers the mesmerizing music, show, water and light and you feel lost somewhere in the aura of this performing fountain.

  • Yellow Boat Tour


Yellow boat tour, lets you discover the city from the new dimension as you cruise down from the skyline developments in Dubai, leaving aside the chaos of the roads, and lets you get closer to the sight-seeing. The best part about this tour is that it gives your adrenaline pump up further with the bounce, twists, twirls at high speed on the water.

Tips For Dubai Visit

Again these tips I have accumulated from my personal experience only and can be extended further. Dubai is a magical city and despite its warm weather, it has become a luxurious shopping and traveling destination for the tourist around the world. Here are the tips to make your visit more peaceful and safe:

  • Plan a trip to Dubai between Oct-Apr, it is majorly due to the climatic condition of the gulf region, during this period you would find calmer and bearable weather and usually it rains as well, but it lasts for only a few Dubai generally receives rain only for 6 days in total, yet this is not an exact number, but a rough idea, to make you understand the Dubai climate better.


  • Book Flight and Hotels in advance; since Dubai is the favorite spot for tourists, it is better to book in advance to escape the last hour rush and the expensive flight and hotel rates.


  • If you are visiting Dubai during Ramadan, ensure that you follow and practice certain rules in public, like you need to control your urge for food, drink, and smoke in public, during the sunrise and sunset timings.


Many of you would find the mentioned destinations, already known to them, but I have picked from my favorite’s list and have tried my best to include something different from the much discussed tourist attractions on the internet. Well, whichever place you visit in Dubai, it is special and exclusive for many reasons. Dubai is indeed a treasure of wonderful destinations where no one, regardless of their respective area of interests can ever get bored.

Fusion of Technology With Tourism

Technology has played a major role in bringing Dubai closer to the rest of the world and you can book a flight and hotel sitting a thousand miles away from Dubai on your Smartphone. Just like the unexplored places in Dubai, there are many industries, business platforms, and fields in Dubai, which have not got the much exposure of the technology in the form of mobile apps, and are still waiting for their deserving recognition. If you have any such business, or somebody in your neighbor deals in such platform, which has not got the mobile app for their vertical, then you must suggest them to adopt the app technology, before it gets late for them.

I am getting little swayed away from my discussion, but there is a reason behind it, you can call it my personal analysis, but a mobile app for the unexplored business platforms in Dubai, can create a stir in the world. We all know and agree with the fact that, app technology is the future of every business, which can bridge the gap between the customers and businesses, I usually notice, while walking in Dubai bazaars that many tourists are not even aware of the actual Dubai offerings, since they never got promoted on any platform and only the locals are aware of it, given an app platform to these offerings, would skyrocket the business.

If you are looking for an app developed for your business, you should not wait any longer and must click on the given link, to kick-start your app project with us.

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