9 Jun 2018
Updated on May 9th, 2019

Techugo European Business Summit


Ankit Singh

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Techugo a leading mobile app development company and a preferred partner for Fortune 500, Global 2000 companies and the Budding Startups for thousands of businesses worldwide, has taken a successful step by arranging the first annual Business Summit to be held recently in Schengen Countries, respectively in Rome, Venice, Milan, Zurich and Copenhagen from 20th June to 3rd July.

What This Business Summit Is All About?

Undeniably the global socio-economic and environmental megatrends are creating a focus towards a paradigm shift in mobility worldwide that involves the disruptive technologies and multimodal app development solutions to emerge for different business needs.

Consequently, an action plan for the coherent implementation of innovative technology filled mobility solutions in Europe is thus urgently needed and should be sustained by a wide range of societal stakeholders.

How Techugo Shall Help

Techugo shall develop and support this plan taking into account all modes of app and web technology, consisting of AR, VR, AI and every other latest technology trends encompassing different industries and the business across the European market with the successful and befitting mobile app solutions as per the different business needs. This shall accelerate the relationship between business owners and their targeted audience.

“I hope this event will help in further growing the European market. As estimated the mobile app development has a strong future in the European market with the proliferation of digital interfaces, ranging from mobile and web to wearable, and chatbots technology to name a few. This is a clear indication of the potential European market holds and with the app technology; the enterprises would get an interaction mode to get in touch with their customers efficiently.

Considering this Need, Techugo shall be an essential part of bringing technical skills to the market.” As quoted by Abhinav Singh, CEO of Techugo.

Who All Are Invited

To give a more impactful and success rate to this business summit, we shall be arranging a one-to-one personal meeting with the entrepreneurs, CEOs, COOs, Marketing Heads, Business Heads and any other individual who look for a successful platform for his/her business.

We welcome both small and large businesses to come up and meet the leading top mobile app development company and get an opportunity to pitch their idea for the future development of their product through the mobile app technology.

The Pitch of Business Summit

The subject matter for Techugo Business Summit is very relevant and it will help in adjoining the different industries with the global customers.

In addition to discussing the technology solutions for the different business types, it would be an absolute pleasure to hear motivational speaker and CEO Abhinav Singh, to share his tips on operating and growing a successful mobile app development company.

You are requested to drop a mail to confirm your availability at


You can also leave a WhatsApp message on

+91 9138197433

At Techugo we look forward to building strong connections and network with many entrepreneurs, industrialists, and the investors and help them to transform their business into a global brand with a mobile app.

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