28 May 2021

Techugo Work Ethics: Favourable To Both, Clients And The In-House Team


Techugo Pvt. Ltd.

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Techugo Work Ethics

Vince Lombardi, the famous American football coach once rightly said, “Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” Any organisation is called so, because of the people that come together to work, learn and co-exist. Business giants owe it to their teams and their dedication, sincerity, discipline and hard-work. Success is a collaborative effort; it becomes a reality with team work and uncompromised work morals.

Techugo is a creative workspace – an amalgam of bright minds curating the best of ideas and solutions. We are where we are, because of the team effort and the seriousness about our work. We grow and learn together.

Techugo Work Ethics

Through this piece, we wish to elaborate on the determination and efforts of every member of the Techugo family. Here is a glimpse of what makes us stand out, compete and stay relevant. It is the way we operate that ensuring quality-laden delivery has become a norm for us.

  • Our focus on target audience

    Our focus is always on addressing the target audience, depending on the features, demands and services of an app. This makes us better versed with regards to designing UI and UX for the users.

  • We care about users’ time!

    Time is more precious than any material good. If any user decides to invest their time on a platform built by us – we consider it our duty, to make that experience worth its while.
    We believe in being careful while delivering quality. That is the only way we can ensure the relevance and utility of the developed product.

  • We take care of users’ data security

    Usually, application usage requires users to provide personal information. Our motive is to ensure security of that data. Irrespective of the kind of app we develop, budget constraints or not, we never take data security, lightly.

  • The fundraising aspect

    We deliver with finesse and that demands all kinds of costs. For budding or already established entrepreneurs who have difficulty finding investors, we help in raising funds, finding angel investors, etc.
    When we claim we take care, we take every word seriously.

  • Work-life balance – CARDINAL!

    It isn’t possible to create anything without being creative. The prerequisite for thinking thorough, through and out of the box, is a fresh mind. And so, we take care.
    Our SOPs ensure that our team members are never over-burdened, or experience a burn-out. These efficiently working minds are our spine. Thus, work-life balance, just like the work itself, is always a priority.

  • Project development methodology

    We know the importance of being systematic and operating in an organised way. We don’t just jump to work mindlessly, when we start a project.
    Rather, we follow a process that helps us streamline our work, set targets and manage efficiently. Our focus is on laying out a meticulous plan and then executing it efficiently.

  • Seminars and training sessions

    We organise seminars and training sessions to hone our skills and learn new ones as well.We always welcome new talent despite having experienced and sincere developers. The only difference is, we provide training sessions to newcomers before assigning them to a live project. Learning is a constant process, shouldn’t ever stop, is our belief!

All this enables us to make an on-time, quality-laden delivery possible. We strive to achieve, with a discipline-driven approach, covering all aspects of development in a meticulous manner – which can become an actuality only with teamwork.

Adherence to work ethics, dedication and sincerity of each member at Techugo, has led clients to see the company in the same light. We are a team that operates on the motto of sinking and sailing together, but we always focus on the latter part of it. 

Strength lies in union, is said for a reason after all…

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