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2 Apr 2020

Experts’ tips on digital marketing to beat Covid 19 blues

You might have noticed that many businesses fail as they do not have strategically planned procedures to follow or if they have ignored it. 

And this situation turns extremely serious when the global economy is on a stake!

Here, the digital presence of a business plays a vital role.

Significance of Digital Marketing

Without any doubt, any good marketer and business owner will attest to the fact that marketing is the most efficient and simplest way of reaching and gaining the customers.

And in this run, digital marketing attains maximum attention, as it has more number of benefits compared to traditional marketing tools.

Pandemic and digital marketing

I know, this is one of the most absurd combo, but this is the fact!

Since there is a severe outbreak across the globe, and this has led many cities and states lockdown. There is a visible decline in the visitors’ number in offline stores. As every offline store is mostly shut, or functioning with the limited staff.

Here, it becomes highly crucial for your business to sustain this situation, and do not become the victim of this virus outbreak. However, it is very hard, but not impossible.

You can still reach out to your consumers, and help them access your services on a much wider space than before. And that can only be possible with Digital Marketing efforts.

A well-planned marketing strategy can help your business to win the battle with flying colors. 

Are you not so sure how to excel in this turf?

Hey, don’t worry!

It’s time for you to stop worrying about marketing your brand, as with this post we’ve brought some of the most successful and proven formulas, to survive this Pandemic.

So what are you waiting for?

Just keep scrolling this post further, and find out the essential marketing tips for your business to win the odds of the virus outbreak.

Social media marketing

Social shout for your business is an engaging strategy for all age groups of user-base. The best part about social media marketing is that it encourages, business to moodily the SMO strategy without any further delay. Since it brings the results earlier, and user-engagement is the best tool to asses it. 

Social sites give you a platform where you can reach a large audience for the promotion of your business. 

And this reach is not related to a specific region only, but the world is your canvas to be painted further. There are paid strategies as well, that can be selected by SMO expert.

CRO- Conversion rate optimization

Amid the COVID-19, this is one of the most efficient marketing strategies. It helps your visitors to be converted into leads. 

With the systematic approach, it lets your targeted audience to be persuaded further. And further lets them take action on your site such as filling up a form, giving feedback and subscribing, etc.

SEO-Search engine optimization

SEO is meant for highlighting your brand on the first page of various search engine pages. As higher the ranking of your business is on search engine pages, the more are the chances of your business being noticed by the audience. 

You need an efficient SEO analyst & strategist, who can help your business to grow higher. And makes the best use of techniques and strategies to gain higher visibility.

Paid marketing

Yes, this type of marketing is also an effective tool to win the battle. As it is a proven formula to rank higher on top of search engine page results. You might have noticed the top search results which appear on the top with the ADV sign with them, those ads are the ones which are paid. 

Paid services give you more chances of customers giving a visit to your business website and mobile app. But you have to ensure that right and effective keywords are used to elevate the marketing effectiveness.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most effective measure to deal with the current situation. Today every business is trying its best to get a strong foothold on the digital space. And this type of marketing is an effective and efficient way to create a stir about your business.

It works in a similar fashion of commission-based marketing. Here, one business promotes another on its portal to gain users’ attention. However, picking the most relevant business here changes the game.

Final thoughts

Now, that you have discovered the MANTRA of digital marketing techniques, you must not get drained by the unnecessary terror of COVID-19. And help your business to implement effective marketing strategies, you can now imagine how effective these techniques will be and the scale of profit they can give once you integrate it into your company’s marketing plan. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

At Techugo, we have a dedicated, experienced and highly skilled team of digital marketers. 

And amid the Pandemic, we are working around the clock, without a break.

And we are standing with you to help your business find its niche with effective app & marketing initiatives.

Reach us today and help your business to improve its presence in the digital space.



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