31 May 2021
Updated on June 2nd, 2021

Wheel- Virtual Healthcare Platform Raises $50M In Series B Funding Round

Wheel- Virtual Healthcare Platform

The fast-paced development of virtual healthcare apps is blessing humankind with the power for enabling instant medical attention. As the world battles the impact of the pandemic, the healthcare industry is turning to telemedicine applications to meet every patient’s needs. 

Today, in this blog post, we would highlight a great startup set to power the next generation of virtual care. And how you, too, can enter the emerging online healthcare industry with the right entrepreneurial vision and development team! 

Let’s get started! 

The Problem; How To Eradicate The Gap Between Patients & Doctors?      

With the rise of coronavirus cases, worldwide hospitals and digital healthcare companies were also facing two significant setbacks. On one hand, they needed more doctors, and on the other, a better technological infrastructure. 

During the initial months, the world required a virtual healthcare platform that expanded access for doctors and patients. A well-defined digital system where we can pull out our smartphones anytime and establish an instant connection with the best medical care. 

And, once again, our problems were solved by technology. 

Let’s learn how!  

Wheel- A Revoutionalry Startup Powering Telehealth!

Wheel is a popular virtual healthcare platform that streamlines how we access medical care and inspires the industry to think out of the box. It is a portal where medical practitioners have the freedom and autonomy to be their own boss.   

With the help of this advanced technology, healthcare workers can spend more time treating their patients and less time with the paperwork. It is transforming conventional healthcare by delivering everything that clinicians and companies need to provide virtual care. 

Unlike Teladocs(a branded telehealth service), Wheel offers tools that enable health providers to offer telehealth services.  

Wheel Raised $50M Funding In A Series B Round Led By Lightspeed Ventures!

Before the pandemic, this startup had already created software that would train and vet virtual care clinicians, then match them with patients in real-time. With a whopping $50 million funding in a series B round, the company is looking forward to scaling up. It would be powering the next generation of virtual care and sustaining its newfound growth post-pandemic. 

The company’s investors list consists of-

  • CRV
  • Silverton Partners
  • Tusk Venture Partners
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Lightspeed Ventures  

With the investment, the company is all set to democratizing innovation and eradicating the complication that challenges healthcare. Building infrastructure for virtual care, simplifying services for companies, and focusing on clinicians are top priorities for Wheel. 

How Can Visionaries Draw Inspiration From Wheel?

Like Wheel, the world currently has numerous virtual healthcare platforms, trying to transform the conventional system of care that we have been following for ages. The pandemic has pushed the progress in healthcare mobile application development further. 

Right now, there is a significant need for platforms like Wheel. It is also an extraordinary opportunity for entrepreneurs to dive into this emerging marketplace. Since there is a huge demand across the countries for personalized, virtual, and instant digital care, visionaries can easily utilize it.           

Reaching out to a leading Healthcare App Development Company in the USA can play a huge role in your success. A remarkable and unique platform is the key to successfully taking on the status quo in the healthcare industry. This can only be achieved by collaborating with a team that enhances your idea’s potential to mark a global imprint.      

Whether you are at the initial stage of your business idea or the final one, professional guidance and expertise are all you need to hit the bull’s eye. 

Are you looking to launch a virtual healthcare platform like Wheel in 2021? Discover how Techugo can help you to emerge gloriously through a cutting-edge market with the best quality product!    

Stay tuned and connect with us for more insights on successful tech startup ideas, innovation, and mobility. 

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