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3 Jun 2021

7 Lifestyle Apps That’ll Make Your Life Flawless

As said, “Home is not a place… it’s a feeling!” 

No matter how happy you leave your home for adventure trips and business meetings, it is the only place you’ll find peace. Initially, a home is just a brick-and-mortar building; however, the name gains its real meaning when an individual decorates and maintains the same with love and affection. During this process, selecting a small decorative piece to setting up furniture, everything counts!

If we turn around and look a few years back, the advanced technology we witness today was still developing. For any piece of item consumers had to purchase, they had to wander through the streets, comparing prices and quality, and then make a decision. 

Nowadays, smartphones reside at an arm’s length of every individual. Moreover, mobile applications have become a crucial part of our daily lives due to the convenience it has to offer. Talking about the same, if you’re obsessed with decorating your home space, organizing things, and more, lifestyle apps can make your life much easier. 


Read along to know more! 

Lifestyle Apps You Must Download Right Away

1. Houzz 


One of the apps that’ll keep your eyes glued to the screen for hours is Houzz. It’s the perfect application for individuals giving a shot at interior designing. The app has everything you might’ve ever visioned and enables you to view each detail to make it easier for you before making a purchase. 

Apart from showcasing the new products, the app also features a stream of the latest content, including guides, blogs, etc. It also incorporates a unique ‘Find Professionals’ feature, where users can enlist services, such as designers, architects, and more. 

2. Hello Alfred

Hello Alfred 

Another mobile application that’ll raise the beauty of your smartphone is ‘Hello Alfred.’ It is an app specially designed for busy urbanites desiring a modern home. The primary objective behind building this app is to provide real-life home managers to the customers to perform tasks that users are too busy to carry out.

3. Wunderlist


Once you’ve collected all the pieces to create one perfect place called home, why not take a break from your daily job and relax for a while?

Yes, you’re thinking it just right. 

Take a vacation!

Here’s exactly when you’ll require a mobile app like Wunderlist. It is a life-saving app that lets you organise your life; enabling you to set reminders, such as booking flight tickets, other tasks that need to be completed, etc. 

4. Dogbuddy


Are you a dog person? 

Indeed, you are! 

Here’s an interesting mobile app you might need, which is Dogbuddy. It offers services such as approved dog sitters, that’ll make your vacation stress-free. Dog sitters provided by Dogbuddy are trained and not someone who just likes to walk around a dog. 

Fortunately, you’re just a few clicks away from booking a sitter who’ll take care of your pet if you’re planning a getaway this weekend. What’s more? Ask the assigned person to share live updates, and you can receive pictures via the app. 

5. Hive 


A thermostat is a must-have heating system for every home, and to use it just the right way, the Hive application hands you over its complete remote control. 

Sometimes, you might want to change the heating schedule of your home, and to have something handy is not a bad option. All you need to do is connect your smart thermostat with Hive, and you’re done! 

Interestingly, users can add other smart accessories to the Hive system as well, such as light bulbs, cameras, etc. 

6. CamScanner 


If you more often find the need to carry around digital copies of your documents or any other files but had to resort, CamScanner is here to rescue you. Instead of opening images and looking for information to copy it somewhere else, the app will allow you to change the image files to PDFs. 

Isn’t it convenient?

Along with converting image files to PDF, the app also incorporates other useful features, such as watermarks, image editor, cloud storage, etc. 

7. Driivz


Electric vehicles are the new trend and if you’re not hooked up with the same yet, you’re likely to get one in the near future. Thus, Driivz is the kind of app you’ll need then. It is an app designed to provide real-time information about the EV charging points for your vehicle. Using the in-built map of the mobile app, you can also schedule where and when to charge the vehicle. 

To Sum Up

You’ve witnessed some exceptional examples of technology right in this article. If you’ve been surprised throughout while reading the same, it is no surprise to us. The kind of applications built nowadays is undoubtedly contributing to the evolution. 

Therefore, if you want to become a part of this evolution and build a better world, a unique app idea is all you need! 

If you already have one, rush to the mobile app developers for further insights on the same. 

Do you know the best part?

The professionals will not only build an app based on your idea, but contribute to the same by implementing their ideas into it and bringing out the best they can. 

Connect with us for more updates.

Give it a thought, and have a good day!



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