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7 Sep 2018

AI Can Predict Death With 95% Accuracy

I know it sounds terribly scary …but you don’t need to get scared, have patience since we are going to discuss the inevitable aspect of our lives, which now can be predicted with artificial intelligence  Technology!!!

I know I must have caused some of you to raise their eyebrows or some of you might have even smirked as well, after reading that, how come is it possible even???

Well, this is what I expected, and it is not at all wrong since this too was my reaction, the time I get to hear about this new invention…

Willing to know more or should I raise your curiosity further???

Ok, let’s kill the curiosity here only, and let’s read this post to understand what exactly is there to serve you on the table full of technological inventions…

But in order to understand this concept deep within, we must understand the role of technology and how it is evolved further to predict the natural aspect like Death…let’s find out together…

How Technology Has Surrounded Us???

Technology is ruling us!!! and it would be wrong if I would try to snub the reports.

If you would look closely, it can easily be found that our lives are surrounded beautifully with technology, whether it is about booking a cab through app or shutting down the window blinds through Smart home system, we all are have become very much closer to technology, and spending a  day without these tech-devices is beyond the imagination even.

In this run, of crafting better and much better experience for the users, tech-giants are always on their toes to evolve the technologies to the larger extent, so we can have much-evolved solutions to tackle our daily problems.

AI Is The Invention Of Evolved Technology

The Artificial intelligence or the trendy diminutive it has AI, is really transformed the face of technology to a great extent, and it is not limited to the high-end products or services; rather it has revolutionized the minor aspect of our that is purchase.

AI is one of the facets of computer science, which has only one simple aim, that is to let the machines simulate the human intelligence processes and in return, it collects the data and makes the predictions.

The system or the technique you call, which aids the AI to make predictions, is called machine learning.

The automated driving cars are one of the recent examples of AI invention, which is set as a niche for this technology.

I feel proud to accept that AI systems are utilized in various industries and sectors to enhance the efficiency and make the maximum output.

In this run of evolving to make it better, AI has pushed its creativity further by predicting death. 

How Is It Possible???

Although, a subject like death, is very sensitive, and it is completely natural and people really don’t want to discuss it, but getting a prediction gets the mixed reaction.

The results of trying out the death prediction AI was published by Google in an article in May 2018.

But the most obvious question which is asked is that how does it work since it is something not in the hands of the human.

Well, actually this technology works after consuming the data of a patient, wherein it collects the information such as age, gender, ethnicity, diagnosis, vital signs, and laboratory results.

Then on the basis of this data collected, the AI system makes the prediction with an unbelievable 95% accuracy.

Is It Really A Fact???

Yes, this theory Google has proven after testing the algorithm, where the 95% of accuracy was counted, which is anyhow 10% more accurate than any traditional models.

To prove it further, the Google AI collected the details of a metastatic cancer patient, where the doctors suggested her 9.3% chance of dying, but AI predicted it to be 19.9% chance of dying in the hospital.

Surprisingly, the patient bid adieu to this world after two weeks in the hospital, failing the doctors’ analysis. 

Is It A Success Yet???

However calling it a successful attempt entirely, would be a moot point, so it is safer to suggest that the AI system is still in its infancy, and needs some more time to grow more and replace the human intelligence fully.

But one thing is assured, that any negligence which could cause the human lives, can be escaped, with the improved AI system.

With this very technology, the medical practitioners can be assisted to make better decisions for the improved health care system of the patients.

If you consider the positive approach of this system than you can realize that apart from predicting the death, this very technology is able to predict other vital aspects, such as: for how long patient must stay back in the hospital or any other health hazard related to early leave from the hospital.

This would help the health practitioners and the patients to make better and much-informed decisions about their health.

To wrap up, I would like to say, that this AI system, still needs to cross a long journey to match the wavelength of divine orders.

But if I look at the other side of the technology, then the improvement made in this technology can open the floodgate of health benefits & opportunities for the patients and doctors both, to create an undisturbed and much efficient healthcare system.

We all know that, the AI-enabled mobile apps have already created a stir in the healthcare industry and are much popular, as with the help of such enhanced technology, millions of Doctors can craft a strong healthcare system for their patients.

So if your hospital is still lacking behind getting the AI-enabled mobile application, then you must not wait anymore, rather you must get in touch with a leading top mobile app development company in dubai to get an app integrated with Artificial Intelligence and help your patients to achieve the unimaginable health objectives, which are minute but vital enough to affect their health.



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