1 Aug 2018

Is AI Generated Content The Next Big Threat?


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AI Generated Content

Every business owner has a dream to launch a MOMENT not just a brand and either of these aspects cannot overpower the other.

A lot many marketing practices and new technology intervention are made at the several steps of the business success plan creation and in this run; content marketing is also a participant.

A lot much is done in and around the content creation strategies to grab that moment from the users’ thought process and make them halt on your services ever and after.

As we all are very much aware that technology has engulfed every division of technology, leaving no exceptional ground for the content as well.

The content marketing is nailed with the Artificial Intelligence, which only sparks the creativity and the innovation to the new level, leaving a big question around us that

Whether manual content creation can ever be replaced by the AI????

This question is somehow turned into a concern, by considering the human man force would be ever replaced by the machines and nurturing a GREAT bubble of distress amongst the content developers that their job-loss is not far predicted.

On an honest note, it is a matter of concern and everyone wants to be assured with the right measures to help them beat the odds of the job-loss assumption.

But hey wait, is it really a mere assumption or is it a solid and proven warning of replacement.

Let’s take a look at this topic to understand the foreseeable future of AI integrated content marketing…

The rise of AI is obvious

The past years have faced a huge and massive transformation in every business field due to the robotic technology, which was just an imagination once, and now has become an irresistible part of every technology and services around us.

The shape of future technology is going to be different and unique in near future, but the threat of whether our jobs would be replaced is the ticking bomb, and the sound is always easy-to-be heard from any distance.

Albeit, certain professions are fitting the need of the automation, but certain professions like content marketing require a strong dose of human emotions to make it sound different and engaging.

Also, the larger number of content created by AI for Washington Post, speaks the rumor mills further, but yet there are reasons that why content marketing can never be fully-functionally dependent on the Artificial Intelligence.

Are you not convinced enough???

Don’t worry, I too wasn’t, but then I got to find some logical reasons behind this theory, which I am going to share ahead in this post, just read further…

  • Lack of Creativity

The robotic machines are based on the calculations and data, limiting the creative side to the larger extent.

We, humans, are creative by the grace of God, and we are the reasons behind the AI, hence it is much proven that no matter how technology grows advanced, but can never adopt the creativity factor, which is an integral part of humans.

A machine works on the commands and has its own restrictions not to perform beyond it, so this leads to creativity to take a back-seat.

  • The Essence Is Lost In Translation

Artificial intelligence is powered by human intelligence. Robots and algorithms, which makes the some of the content sound OFF during the Google translation.

The awkwardness in the content can be experienced, which could easily be rectified with a human intervention.

  • Content Needs To Empathize With Readers

The exponential rise in the AI- enabled services has given a boost to AI-powered content creation as well, but yet readers fail to connect with the content because there is empathy, a flood of emotions and a string of relation, which would draw the users’ attention towards the content, and they can feel that connection.

Unfortunately, AI programs simply can’t produce that level of work, which would give every possible reason to the hungry readers to come for hogging more content.

  • Chances of Technical Glitches

No am not referring to the typo glitches, because they are well-examined by a machine than a human, but what I am referring to is something different…

In the absence of the human editor, AI which is already lacking the empathy may make decisions which are not accurate for a specific user base.

For instance, Algorithms can place ads on sites consumers visit, but without being checked, those ads can come along with the offensive content which would not fit the users at any level.

  • Taste For Vernacular Nuances

Readers come up with many expectations on your content page, and some like and some don’t, but there are readers who share their valuable advice, in the piece of sarcastic opinions, which only a human can handle smartly and give the reply diplomatically so the user retention can be maintained. But with the programming language, it is hard to expect to read the content with a critical eye and understand the vital complexities and nuances of language.

Hence the intervention of the human touch would always be needed to make that right piece transform into a masterpiece.

This would always be a debatable topic; AI programs have their own befits but when it comes to creating the meaningful experiences for the readers, it somehow fails the expectations to a larger number.

Whether you have an app for your business developed from a leading mobile app development company or if your brand is already creating a stir with different marketing initiatives adjusted well in its cycle.

In either case, you must not forget that

AI’s role for your business is to complement the human’s efforts and not to replace them.

As of now, the AI content creation is only based upon the algorithmic information, provided by the humans, and this is where the pool of limitations start for the programming language.

Hence, to replace the manual content creation completely, AI must be able to think and feel like a human to form the opinions, which are effective yet interesting to help the readers to stay glued for always.

With this note, I would like to sign off for today, but I will be bringing more update tech information through this blog post, so keep watching this space…

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