23 Apr 2020

App Description That Can Sell Your Blockchain App!


Ankit Singh

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The engaging spectrum of Blockchain development is sufficient to garner users’ attention!

This is a very common thought process, we all possess. As we feel, that only a trending technology like Blockchain is all users need, to get the millions of downloads.

No, it is nothing, but a fool-proof misconception.

Let’s accept the fact once and for all!

APP downloads don’t happen out of the blue, but some serious steps have to be taken.

How app downloads occur?

Every day there is a new mobile app in the market, but not every faces the rays of success, and some die without getting any downloads.

It is a sad fact, however, getting downloads on your app, is not an easy task.  And when you hear or read such news where it says that so & so the mobile app has gained the instant downloads. Then somewhere within your heart, you must think that how is this possible even???

It must be fake news or the app must have something UNIQUE to make this happen eventually…

But on an honest note, subtracting all the assumptions, it is very much possible for an app to get a huge download.

And the reason can be varied from app features, functionalities, marketing, and the app description as well…

What an app description can really trigger the app downloads???

Yes, it is very much possible with an app description only….

Are you astonished?

Let me bring you a fact here; downloads usually and majorly happen due to the great app description written!

This piece of information instantly activates the app downloads gun to shoot and increase the number of likes on your app…

It really sounds interesting, but eventually, it takes A LOT to make that magic happen.

Are you wondering what all it takes to write a perfect app description for your mobile app? And how will your Blockchain app gain a good number of downloads???

Don’t worry, there are some tips if followed can bring an insane number of downloads on your app!

So let’s begin the voyage, and explore the magical vibes of app downloads, with this post…

Tip #1 – Think More About Your App

I know you very well know what your app is all about and what purpose it serves. And there must be a secret agenda behind your app as well. This would be in favor of your app’s promotion, so you need to think of these points, which explains your app concept clearly.

Take a blank paper and think not just as an app owner but as a user, and answer these questions…

  • What this app does??
  • How does it help the problem??
  • What unique is there in the app??
  • Why you should download this app??

Once you get the answers from the perspective of a user, your one set of app description gets ready…

Tip #2- Explore Your Competitors

If you will look around you will find that there are some of the most successful mobile apps already in the app market.

Check the most successful apps, and take a look at their app descriptions. And try to find out what is so new about that description?

Compare that description with yours, and see what are the areas you can improve further. Maybe it is a few words, few keywords, or maybe simply the style of the writing. This can make a change in your app description.

But make sure you don’t plagiarize the content, rather create your own. This will ensure your app does not get penalized and also your users will get something fresh and unique.

Tip #3- App Description Must Implicate Elevator Speech

Your app description does not need to speak long and yet makes no sense, rather it must be succinct and impressive.

Unfortunately, stores don’t offer enough liberty to write a saga and there is a limit of words to be mentioned. And your users also want something brief and meaningful only.

Keep the sentences simple and short and each sentence must clearly state what all user is going to get from the mobile app.

Once you have written, re-read for any typo error and make another person listen to what exactly it is all about.

Consider the description again if any opinion or suggestion comes, but don’t make a random speech. Rather, there must be a message to your users, through which they can feel connected with your mobile app.

Food for thought

These essentials if followed can really help your mobile app to get an impressive app description.

Don’t forget that every inch of feature and the functionality mentioned in the description, must compliment app in real!

On the other hand, to get a sizzling Blockchain development for your business, get in touch with the Techugo team. And eradicate every possible sign of error happening within your mobile app.

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