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21 Sep 2020


On September 15th, 2020, Apple brought significant products in the market, that was followed by the announcement of iOS 14 updates the very next day. The new update, iOS 14, was made available for its iPhone users on September 16 from 10:30 IST. 

Indeed, it was a great update, wherein users got the updates consisting of picture-in-picture mode, improved privacy mode, change in the size and shape of the widgets, and much more.

But this was not that captured the attention of the Indian audience, but the special touch Apple decided to bring along with iOS 14, for the Indian users.

Curious what is that personal touch all about?

In this article post further, we have captured the true-blue essence of that incredible experience Apple has introduced especially for Indian uses. Just scroll further and find out…

Better SMS spam filtering option

SMS spam filtering

Does spam SMS irk you? Then iOS 14 is your answer to tackle this hassle, letting users have additional filters in the iMessages app. On tapping at the Filters button on the top left, users can see a set of filters such as Known Senders, Unknown Senders, Transactional Messages, etc. This enables users to pick the most suitable filter and get SMS as per their convenience. It means that messages with OTP will go into a separate category and will not be mixed with messages from friends and family members.

To make this happen Apple has fed thousands of phone numbers used by banks, delivery services, cab services, etc. into its system. This also includes the alphanumeric sender id such as UBC-HDFC. This smart filtering system sounds promising and aims to automatically filter and label SMS messages.

Hindi script for Email IDs

Hindi script for Email IDs

Yeah, you heard it all correct and fine! The iOS 14 will support email addresses in Hindi and other Indian scripts. So now if you have got an email ID in Devanagari, you can now send emails via the Mail app. Further, the app now also supports Devanagari email IDs, apart from an address in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Thai. 

India-specific iMessage effects

With the iOS 14, there is a keyword feature for iMessages now, where sending certain keywords like happy birthday, happy new year messages will get the localized impact for the Indian users. This enables them to send wishes in both English and Hindi.

Now, download updates on cellular data

Indians prefer to use more mobile data instead of broadband connection, and considering this fact, Apple has given a twist to the iOS 14 update. Now, Indian users can download software updates, Siri voices, and Apple TV+ downloads via mobile data, and they don’t need to depend on any Wi-Fi connection to download the software updates.

Siri is more Indian


Are you tired of listening to that robotic voice? Well, then there is good news knocking at your door!

With iOS 14 Indian users will get an extra touch of personalization, where Siri will sound more like an Indian. In the iOS 13 update, the Indian English voice of Siri sounded more like a robot. But, in the latest iOS 14 update, you will be able to hear Siri sounding more like an Indian. This new voice will use neural text-to-speech technology to sound natural and create a personal touch with the users.

Apple music with an Indian twist

Indians love to groove on music, however, the categorization and search in India, happens more based on an actor. For instance, Dhoom song is often related to Aishwarya Rai, in a similar fashion, there is a whole glut of songs that are associated with the actors, then the artists. Considering this demand, Apple Music has brought ease for Indian users to find and sort their music using the name of an actor instead of an artist.

Some more features to rock your world!

Other than the above-mentioned features, there are a few other important and India-specific updates that are going to roll on your iOS 14.

  • The iOS 14 will bring 20 new document fonts, further, the existing 18 fonts have also been improved, wherein more emphasis is given on styling of text,
  • Indian users will be able to download Siri voices and software updates, even
  • Users can watch Apple TV+ shows over cellular networks, and there is no more requirement of Wi-Fi connection.

The Bottom Line

Well, well, well, this was desi galore of iOS 14 top features, if you want to get more updates about iOS app development, and willing to give it a shot, please give us a call!

We’re working round-the-corner to bring your concept into reality!


Ankit Singh


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