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23 Nov 2017

A Bliss For Movie Lovers- Movie Ranker

Dude, believe it was a complete waste to watch this movie”…this dialogue I heard from the different friends who were a part of that movie night.

A movie night, where we all had a scrumptious dinner followed by a planned movie to be watched…it was special for us, because we all were meeting after 5 years of break and have decided to meet to share views, thoughts with dinner and a MOVIE, which turned out to be a disaster…

Believe me, we all felt excruciating pain in our brain and decided to leave the movie in between…

This is what I went through, now have few questions to ask you….

How often do you watch a movie?

Frequently…occasionally or maybe once in a blue moon

But whenever you do, you always expect a pleasant movie experience, right?

Now my next question…

How often do you watch a GOOD movie?


Oops, somebody touched a wrong chord within you (no pun intended indeed)….I apologize

But the sad fact suggests that we all did have suffered from this situation and there is nothing as such of a robust plan which helps us in getting a perfect movie recommendation.

To talk about the entertainment, which is an inevitable part of our lives, and without it thinking to survive is out of the context. Entertainment does come in different size and shapes and varies from the age group to individual’s choice.

The time when I think of getting entertained, the first option that comes to my mind is the movie.

Yes, a movie is a rendezvous for most of us, wherein we all love to indulge into quite often, whether it’s a long-awaited family meet, friends’ reunion, co-workers meet or even the casual evening or weekend breaks.

These situations have their own beauty and charm and the bursting laughter or the emotions funnel during the movie, make the experience cherish forever.

But in this heaven, there is something which disturbs the plan and you end up cursing the day, you chose to book the tickets for a particular movie…that is a BAD MOVIE…

Undeniably the app technology has made it very much possible for us to book the movie tickets with the added discounts with an ease, but the problem arises, when the expected movie turns out to be a horrific experience and the dream of enjoying the movie friends and family members get dumped in the garbage bin.

Well, I have gone through such situation, and I bet you all must have been when you had to spend your time and money on a movie which was not worth for.

App technology has actually helped us to survive in the movie booking facility and finding the seat of our choice, but how can technology inform us whether the movie is worth to watch for or not?

Alas, this had not been possible in the past but not now…JJJ


Yes, you heard me right the app technology has gone to a level wherein it can give you the recommendation for a perfect movie and you can explore more information about the movie through an app platform…

Don’t you believe me?

As expected…L

Techugo along with its team of designers and developers created an app, dedicated only to Movie and recommendation, the app is named Movie Ranker.

Well to erase every spot of doubt in your mind, I just need to explain you further…and here I am talking about an app ‘Movie Ranker’.

What Movie Ranker is all about?

Movie-Ranker is the very first movie-related social media tool, which lets the users discover the best movies and movie recommendations with a tap on their Smartphone.

Users can discover movies that match their preferences and share & receive movie recommendations with their friends.

Also, users are allowed to create a community of shared interest for connectivity and curated content.

Movie Ranker aims to focus on impeccable user experience with a more personalized approach than any other movie-related site can offer.

What are the features

  • Help you discover movies that match their preferences

The commercialized status of movies has led to a race, where only the movies with the highest budgets, largest studio backers or strongest critical acclaim get noticed but some of the GREAT movies are left stranded.

With MovieRanker users can incorporate their own criteria into a comprehensive search database. For example, a user could search R-rated horror films from the last 10 years related to ghosts and then sort the results by Fans or Critics ratings.

  • Easy to share and receive movie recommendations

MovieRanker gives users the ability to make recommendations privately or publicly, AND it allows users the ability to manage their profile so that they receive automated recommendations from MovieRanker that match their unique preferences.


  • Create a community of shared interest

MovieRanker rewards users the more they interact and connect with others and offers the relevant features for each person to not only discover movies but also people with shared interests.

For example, a user could follow someone with similar tastes in movies and then receive automated recommendations from that person when they watch a new movie and add a review.

MovieRanker allows the user to choose who they follow and what they care about most.

Willing to download?

But Where to download it

MovieRanker is very much available on iOS and Android platform and you can download the app from the given links and is FREE to download

For iOS-

For Android-

Thus, you can discover the best movies and movie recommendations with MovieRanker and join a community of movie-lovers and share your movie knowledge with the world with just a click on your Smartphone.

Also, you can get in touch with the Techugo team to discuss your app concept and let the success announce your business goals with the most celebrated app development company and let your business reach the pinnacle of success…

If you want to know more about Techugo, you can visit and also you can get in touch with the Techugo team at:
Skype: aks141
Skype: ankit.techugo



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