25 Jun 2018

What To Be Considered While Developing The Apps For Kids

The mere thinking of the kids, bring a curve line on our lips and imagining the little munchkins in our vicinity handling the technology with their little hands, is nothing but a feeling which can never be described in words.

The technology intervention in our lives has taken the childhood exposure to a different level, where app technology has become the reason behind the exposure and learning for the kids.

I know am not talking about something DIFFERENT when I mention app technology, but this very concept changes its color and them when these apps are designed and developed for the kids only.


The reason is simple the kids mobile apps are filled with emotions, behavior, expectations, and attitude, and the top of all, these all attributes differ for different age and gender.

Thus making an app for the kids require much efforts and patience being compared to any other mobile app, and consequently, you must consider integrating a series of factors in the kids’ mobile app.

So with this post, am here to draw your attention towards the aspects which must be included in the kids’ mobile apps, to make these apps successful. Let’s take a look further…

  • Understand Your Targeted Audience

Researching about your targeted audience is nothing new in the app development process, but certainly, with the kids’ mobile apps, this factor takes a U-turn, wherein the apps’ audience is the kids, but they are installed by the parents only after conducting a specific research.

No prize for guessing, but patents take that special care when it comes to technology handled by the kids, since it can be addictive or informative at the same time, so you must understand your mobile app’s users from the parents perspective as well, who would definitely consider the mobile app to regulate their child’s mindset and routine behavior.

Don’t include anything, which seems and sounds offensive or gives a wrong message unintentionally.

  • Be More Focused Towards The UI/UX

A mobile app for the kids is not just exploring the mobile colors and theme of your mobile app, rather it is a platform through which kids would learn to grow their concentration and quick learning.

You must not keep the pastel color theme, rather put the bright colors matching the app concept and don’t miss out on the app UI.

Kids are young and must be able to handle your mobile app, with slight guidance from their parents; it must have the easy navigation, must have the instructions in easy-to-understand language and include the interactive gestures and emoticons to draw kids’ attention.

  • Let There Be A Healthy Competition

Competition always leaves the individual to learn, explore and grow further; these feelings must be inculcated in every kid since the childhood. Thus to carry forward the positive legacy of competition let your mobile app to create competition in the app platform, within the app community.

You can include the scoreboard, tournaments on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, announcing rewards and ranking to boost the confidence of the app user.

  • Let The Kids Get Personalized Treatment

You must allow the kids to create their own profile in the app, and upload their pictures, and other relevant details like school, class or age. Once kids make their account profile, you must ensure that app addresses them with their names only; this strategy would let the kids feel attached to the mobile app more.

  • Your App Must Interact

Talking Tom was the game my 8-year-old nephew always found interesting to talk with, and every time the tom in the app screamed NO-NO-NO on touching its tail, always made my nephew and his squad burst into laughter.

Although this example is coming straight from the gaming app, but with this example, I wanted to draw your attention towards the interest of the kids towards the app interaction.

Try to integrate the relevant sound, greetings and 3D effects in your kids’ mobile app, by doing this you would make your app go highly adaptable by the kids.

Indeed the development of apps for the kids, be it for any genre, entertainment, education or knowledge, requires an in-depth research of the concept and its functionalities, so it can turn out to be highly attractive by the kids and their parents as well.

To make this happen you must get in touch with a leading top mobile app development company like Techugo, which has the required exposure and the experience to handle your app requirements with an ease.



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