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23 Feb 2018

How To Create That Perfect Video For Your Mobile App

Hey, listen, have you ever heard of mobile app video? I want it to be made for my app, but I am unable to decide that what all do I need to include in so my app can gain the maximum attention from the targeted audience because I heard that mobile app video help your mobile application to gain the attention from the user base.

This is a piece of very common conversation, which happened last week with my friend, who is all set to get a foothold on her expanding business needs with a mobile app, since I do work in the digital marketing, I really understand and know the facts and the truth about that perfect mobile app video and that was the sole reason my friend decided to get in touch with me, so certain professional advice can be taken from our years-long camaraderie…J

To cut the fun short from my blog post, lemme hop back to the main point of relishing the main highlight on app video, so please stay hooked to my blog post and explore the ways to make your app video a successful marketing venture for your mobile app.

The very aspect you should be very much well-aware with is certain essentials before hitting the app video directly, since the existing competition in the mobile app industry has taken the quality standard to a different level, where users can simply quit your app and choose your competitor, if they fail to receive the result as per their expectations.

A great mobile app video can land your app in the overnight sensation, but on the other hand, if it is not up to the mark, then it brings no benefit but only the disaster to your mobile app, so you need to consider certain essentials which help your app video to sell your mobile app like hot cakes…so …let’s read ahead…

Must Explain The Purpose

Your app video is an extract of your mobile app’s features and functionalities, thus it is crucially important that your app MUST reflect and tell the users that what your app does.

For instance if your mobile app genre is fashion and you are showing the ramp, supermodels, and designers, then your users might get confuse with the nature of app, but if your app simply shoes the dresses and the other related functionalities of the app, then it makes the video clear and succinct, and your users would comprehend that what your app is all about.

Benefits To The Users

An app video can only be perfect and become an irresistible piece when it clearly mentions the functionalities and the features of the application.

Do not fall for the gimmick of showing ALL the features, rather the effective strategy suggests that you only showcase the practical benefits users can gain from those features. It must show the simplicity of each feature and how it will help the users in solving their requirements.

Video Duration

Usually, users are very particular about their needs and have a limited time window to spend on the online video, which clearly signals that your  app video needs to be SUCCINCT and RELEVANT.

On an average the most preferred app video time is 20 second, beyond that it makes the users lose interest and forget what exactly the first few seconds suggested about the app.

Thus, never ever make a lengthy mobile application which is hard to be digested by the users, because your users would never stick around for the long hours just to check what your mobile apps would show in the video teaser.

Engaging Enough

Yes except being simple and short one more aspect you need to get in your mobile app and that is the engaging factor in your mobile app. Your mobile app video has to be engaging enough so the users stay on for those 20-25 seconds and yearn for more.

It can have animation, content and even the music to justify its genre so the mobile application video is further enjoyed by the users and it is able to create a stir in the market, if the app is about to or already launched in the market.

Yes, the assistance of a leading mobile app development company offering the best possible app development services in India is mandatory, so invest your time and passion in picking a right app development company is much needed…J



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