13 Nov 2017
Updated on May 11th, 2022

Crucial Mistakes Which Lead To App Failure


Every app is not a success, some are built and forgotten….

How painful these words are, and can be the most disturbing when you have invested your passion and business goals in a mobile app?

Well, this is the fact, that not every app is a success, and daily many apps make an entry on the respective stores, but only a few stay to garner the deserving recognition.

But why does it happen?

Who should be blamed?

Can there be any solution to this?

The answers to the first two questions lie in your research bucket only, which you need to carry out religiously before and during the app development process to make the app gain the success.

But for the third question, yes there is a very much solution available and am going to discuss it further in the following writing piece…so stay tuned…

Poor & Unpleasant UI

When I say UI, I target that segment of your app, through which your app communicates with your audience. It is the design, navigation, look of app, font style, onboarding process, and every other related aspect which make your application get noticed and help it to interact with your audience.

You cannot avoid these aspects, considering them of petite relevance, since you believe your concept is sufficed to grab the attention from the users.

Hey, you need to wake up, with this concept is utilized, only when the user is able to experience the best experience through the app UI.

If the user fails to get a pleasant UI experience, believe me, they would not wait any longer to uninstall your app, and your app would get lost amidst the jungle of long-forgotten apps. Thus invest your time in making the app UI a worth to be cherished by your user.

A Flood of Bugs

When an app gets developed, it need not to be a sole responsibility of the app developer to look into, even when you are paying them, you need to get involved in the app development and must check each and every progress step of mobile app development.

Your app developer might suggest you to hold the app testing till the time app development ends, but you need to know to procrastinate the app testing till the end of development, only leads to build a gap which cannot be bridged at the eleventh hour, through any strategy.

Make app testing a very much part of your application development since the very initial phase of app development and get it tested on various stages, such as:

Conceptual Testing– an initial validation to test this concept, wherein you may share the idea with different groups of users/people, this helps you with learning the major loopholes of a mobile concept, and overcome them, with the valuable replacements.

Usability Testing–  It’s a true non-technical way to test your app workflows, much before it gets into the development phase. You can use a particular platform to upload the build and the interfaces of your mobile app to get it tested by real-time users, before hitting the development phase. This would help you to overcome the barriers between you and your potential users, by creating and developing exactly what your users actually need.

Functional Testing– it is conducted with each segment of development and then at the end of development as well, to test any bug/crash or technical error in this user interface.

Selection of A Random App Developer

Considering the demand of mobile app for your business expansion, sets your mind restless, to initiate the development process without any further delay, and in this search, you end up opting for an inappropriate application development company for your concept.

Do you know this step cost your app success?

You need to follow certain guidelines, while picking the app developer on the basis of their:

  • Work portfolio
  • Client Testimonial
  • Online Presence
  • Listed with renowned listed websites such as Clutch, AppFutura, Goodfirms, ItFirms to name a few.

The mobile application development services which you get from a leading development company always help your app to succeed further.

These are some of the essentials you need to follow to save your application from the horror of app failure…

Yes, the role of a mobile app development company plays a vital role in giving the accurate and the most successful app solution for your business, so you need to pick a right and top mobile app development company in India like Techugo.

To know more about Techugo you can visit https://www.techugo.com or you can get in touch with the Techugo team at:

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